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Thursday, 24 December 2015

"A Christmas Criminal" by Mitchell (Parts 6-9)


Mitchell HG06 - Precautions
 Tom has decided that there's only one way to salvage Christmas for his family
Since that fateful evening in the pub he's been here several times - just looking.
It's so remote he's convinced he can be in, out and away before anyone can react.  
He puts on gloves and a mask.

Mitchell HG07 - Insecure
 To his surprise, Tom finds a way in quite easily and it's clearly not alarmed.
It's his first bit of luck since he lost his job.

Mitchell HG08 - Nice Present
 Inside it's warm and cosy, coals glow in the fireplace.
There are sparkling festive decorations everywhere.
Extravagant presents are piled under an enormous tree.
 Tom had come looking for money and valuables he could sell easily,
but now he sees an even better prize.

Mitchell HG09 - Empty
Tom's unable to resist the lure of Christmas offered to him on a plate.
But finds on closer inspection that all that glitters is not gold in this household.
Even though he's disappointed, Tom's first thought is sympathy for someone else.

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