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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Bound and Gagged Magazine - 4

 Seth Black devouring Adam Rom
Leather guy captured by a sportsman is not exactly a commonplace scenario. Leathermen are powerful objects of desire even for ordinary guys, but the leather-on-leather, dungeon genre, immersed in an underworld of sleaze and pain, doesn't really portray that more mundane attraction. Seth Black (right) has a natural, hormonal sexiness that's powered-up here by the choice of scanty clothing (which for a change actually looks like he's been wearing it - and odourising it!). His enthusiastic enjoyment of his fantasy prize probably sums up a desire which is widespread in the real world. This is what bondage is all about! The leatherman seems quite ill at ease, one might say stiff, under this erotic assault, which some might find ironic. On the other hand, his discomfort may simply be down to the gag plug in his mouth which looks pretty big and uncomfortable to me.

Captive being Gagged
Talking of gags, here's an excellent image of a leather gag being strapped in place on a less than happy victim. The frontal strap on this type of gag makes the securing process particularly emphatic, intimate and erotic. I find the chunky 'jailor' immersed in this fiddly task quite appealing, but I've not been able to identify the models yet (anyone out there who knows?).

 Scene from 'LABD Grey'
Bullies in the Barracks are always good for bondage and humiliation scenarios. B&G's usual authenticity falters here with the long hair and stylish boxers rather out of place and more likely to be on the receiving end of 'peer pressure' than dishing it out. I can forgive that for the cute victim and his perfectly-fitting, white underpants.

 Eric Evans
B&G featured some well-known porn stars in it's pages, I showed Logan Reed in my first post and above is another hairy man, Eric Evans. There is something particularly erotic about a big, hairy man tied up and helpless. The dishevelled clothing and head-down kneeling pose suggest it took quite a struggle to subdue him. The simple roping of the wrists is very nice.

 Robert Black tied to a cot
Another fetish celebrity, Robert Black. It's a naked pose (well almost) for a change but the rusty cot and khaki and olive furnishings conjure up the military fantasy. His legs held apart by the bed end and the arms pulled upwards away from the ass are great details - revealing all? Sadly not, it's a shame that the chunky knot-work obscures his ass-hole.
If you visit Bob Wingate's blog there's a great sequence of pictures showing
Robert Black being tied up for this shoot.

Marti - Hog-tied

This image is something of a classic, so frequently copied that it's almost a cliche. It's a measure of how B&G has infiltrated our psyche. Our attention is naturally drawn first to the captive's eyes and his expectant, slightly anxious expression. Look beyond that and we see he is totally naked, his nudity neatly book-ended and accentuated by the collar round his neck and the straps around his ankles. It's quite a tight hog-tie, not comfortable for very long. The halter loop tied round his shoulders and anchoring his feet is equally severe and if I'm not mistaken that's sizeable wad he's chewing on. Nice feet too.

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