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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Bound and Gagged Magazine - 3

Continuing my nostalgic survey of the classic bondage images 
given to us by Bound and Gagged Magazine
Scott - Captive Soldier

The captive's nicely muscled body gleams sweatily as he struggles to escape.
The authentic military vehicle interior and muddy boots suggest a dramatic capture.
I like the 'hairy' cord as well, the T-shirt gag is very odd, though.

 Jason Dean enslaved by Owen Hawk and Austin Edwards

I'm don't get excited about slavery situations, but I do like this idea of a man tied to a chair and forced to watch the man he covets as a lover making out with someone else. It's a great restraint position, open and exposed at the front, the feet are raised into an uncomfortable position which also severely limits the scope for movement. It could be a great image were it not for the busy carpet and antique-y clutter which distract the eye and don't quite match the down-to-earth drama.

Sam Dixon tied up at the Pool by Jamie Lawless

This is just one of those pictures you know well  and wonder what else happens! The inclusion of the second man lifting up the feet and applying a little pressure to his captive gives the picture a lot more 'oomph' compared with a standard hog-tie nude.  It's a nice balanced composion too. 
Y-fronts on the right guy always float my boat. 
*More of this series can be seen at Bob Wingate's blog.

 Tim Taylor

In this storyline, Tim Taylor played a thief who got more than he bargained for
 when he broke into an apartment. Most collections of spanking pictures seem to include this image although I confess it's not one of my favourites from a bondage point of view. 

Ricardo bound in white briefs

A great bondage image. Simple bindings and an uncluttered background make a great foil for the erotic combination of classic white underwear and sporty sneakers. It tells you this guy has been stripped and the purpose-designed gag means business. It's the same gag incidentally as the previous image but seems to work better on this man.

 Todd - hand-gagged soldier
This is a less well-known image but there a great sense of drama as the cute, well-turned out soldier is dragged off for dirty fatigues by an admirer.


You can see more of these images at Bob Wingate's blog, he is republishing some of his picture series there, sometimes enhanced with additional material. There are also some previously unpublished sequences and fascinating reminiscences about the models and shoots.
Read this series from the beginning

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