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Tuesday 13 April 2010

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Michael and Mister X

Todays post covers a couple of more controversial artists. 

Michael based his work heavily on the drawings of Tom Of Finland, quite often copying complete compositions and making modifications to clothing and faces to add his own mark. Regardless of the propriety of this, the results are sometimes quite interesting and not totally lacking in originality. There are fetish elements in some of his pictures but, in every case I have seen, the fetish ingredient had been copied directly from Tom's work (see below)

Michael - from 'Brotherhood' 
Tom - from 'The Rope'

Although I might give Michael more credit in a general art survey, 
it seems absurd to include him here except as a curiousity.

MisterX's output is heavily populated with boyish youths and those strange child-animal creatures
 that the Japanese like so much. His work is quite imaginative, but for me, placing childlike beings
 in erotic S&M situations is a no no. 
Mister X - The bulge in his speedo's 

However I did find this image of an octopus or squid installing itself in a young man's swimming trunks which I think is extraordinarily original and sexy and it has an almost classic simplicity
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