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Friday 16 April 2010

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Mack

Mack - Blond Tourist

You can find pictures by Mack which are studies of male beauty in which handsome subjects are shown in attractive everyday clothing. It comes as something of a shock to find his fetish pictures where the same beautiful men are stripped naked, tied down and subjected to cruel tortures. His pictures are not dark or violent like Macbeth's but intimate studies of fear and helpless suffering. The expressions of agony are carefully crafted and lest you be in any doubt about their pain, even tears may be flowing.


Mack - Collar

Unlike Macbeth, the torturer is just an accessory in all this, he is often not shown at all or may be represented by just a hand. His motivation and feelings are irrelev
ant and unknown except that he has a preference for complex and unusual ways of inflicting pain.

Mack - The Match

The men are well drawn with detail like eyebrows and chest hair realistically shown. Their faces could be those of models but there is a degree of ordinariness about their appearance, their bodies are not muscular but they are trim and defined. The objects used in their torture are equally well drawn. Mack sometimes using a pointilistic technique which demonstrates a trained hand.

It's difficult to sum up Mack's work. The subject matter is shocking but whereas other artists seem to be expressing a fairly blunt anger and revenge in their pictures the overwhelming sense you get from Mack's best work is of intense personal pain. It gives his work it's own special niche

The best place to look for his work is at the GMBA archives

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