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Thursday 28 October 2010

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Nicos

Nicos - One More Left
Nicos (Nikos) has produced a small selection of drawings depicting dungeon scenes. Prisoners in shorts are being prepared for torture, which can be a highly erotic subject. The absence of total nudity is no drawback, it adds a touch of realism. In the example here, he brings out the fear of the prisoner while the torturer is impassive, slightly puzzled it seems. The picture abounds with interesting detail - the body hair, feet etc are very satisfying - even the electrical clips are carefully shown. I like the way the electrical leads track across the bottom of the frame, it's a stylish touch.

 Nikos own site has disappeared (July 2013) but you can see his work in the archives at GMBA (current link in sidebar).
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Nikos Antoniou said...

Hey Mitchell.I am Nicos (Nikos)the man who has created this drawing. I didn't expect to see it uploaded here. Well thanks anyway... but i am nowhere as good and productive as you and all those fine artists mentioned in here. Thanks again.

bergamote said...

Hi , Nicos I like your drawings, what is the name of your site ?


Mitchell said...

Thanks for signalling that the link no longer works, I have updated the article now. Perhaps Nicos will let us know if he has a new address