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Wednesday 20 October 2010

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Art - Naomichi

Naomichi - Octopus
This is the only work I have by this artist but it's an oustanding one. There is a fairly well known Japanese print which depicts a woman being 'devoured' (in a sexual sense) by an octopus or squid. It's often cited as a classic expression of female desire. This picture develops the dream-like subject in a homoerotic vein but is less inward looking. We cannot see the man's face but the pose suggests acceptance rather passion, his body is covered with weals left by the tentacles in the struggle to avoid this fate and it seems the artist is more interested in his conquest than the sensuality of the embrace.
At an erotic level, the man's smooth, muscular physique, dark cropped hair and opened legs excite interest while the octopus is suitably knarled and lascivious in appearance. The bulbous body of the sea creature which visually narrows down towards the head in a sort of teardrop shape creates the sense of a frighteningly large invasion but the facial expression appears to be contemplative and benign. The artistic treatment is no less interesting. The compact composition and delicate colours lift this image into the realms of art regardless of content.

There was a page of Naomichi's work at Rainbow Arts
but it has disappeared now
(Many thanks to the reader who provided this link)
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Unknown said...

This is not his site, but you can get some information. Naomichi is an artist resistrated in this party.

Mitchell said...

Thanks for this information I have updated the article