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Sunday 28 November 2010

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - NSM

I have a small selection of NSM's work which is another example of Science Fiction settings for S&M fetish. NSM's heroes are tied up and tortured by the inhabitants of other worlds.

NSM - Settling of Scores in The Mabin Desert
In 'Settling of scores in the Mabin desert' you might almost think you were in the Old West were it not for the curious spiky implement held by the torturer. The thorns embedded in the captive's thighs are an original variation on the piercing theme and suggest an undercurrent of pain. The dildo like post between the captives legs is, I suspect, a living organism that in due course will grow and impale (or engulf) the hapless captive.
I like the simple power of this image and the scope it gives for morbid fantasy. The captive's body with a flash of hair on the chest and arms is that of a real man. The depiction of the captor's clothing, though lacking any erotic interest, is none the less highly accomplished. The simple splashes of black which define the folds in the boots, for example, also create a startlingly effective 3D illusion. The stark black shadowing in this picture is a classic comic strip technique which is particularly useful in small scale comic drawings which have to be simple. In this full size picture it creates a powerful lighting effect but you can see it's a bit too powerful for defining musculature which has more subtle contours.

NSM - 'The Thing Plays With The Rebel'

In 'The Thing Plays With The Rebel', NSM unleashes a spiky creature of indeterminate shape on another realistic looking man. It's a clever idea but despite the facial grimace, the victim's muscle-man pose is just that, a photographic pose, and not the writhing of a man under attack. The branches(?) wrapped around his neck and draped over his head are brilliant but they should be pulling him, the ear probe should surely cause some reaction too. It's a bit of a disappointment that 'The Thing', armed with all those fearsome spikes, just wants to tickle him! But you have to admire the clarity with which the artist has managed to depict such a complex scene - unaided by the viewers own knowledge of what 'Things' look like. That's part of the problem of course, monsters exist in everyone's imagination but are defined not just as shapes, but as senses and intangible fears as well. Trying to convincing capture that complex entity on paper or celluloid is a challenge of the highest order.

NSM - The Nephew Will Take It

The final picture restores reality, this man actually looks like he is hanging by his arms. Another menacing (sort of!) organism rises to attack him. It's a nice drawing and captures a classic male fetish image in a very attractive way.

I like NSM's work, it's well drawn, imaginative and also memorable because it attempts to set male bondage in a context that is inherently filled with danger and the unknown. Paradoxically it also sums up the dilemma of the fetish artist:- now you've got him tied up, what are you going to do with him? If you really love men, it's a tough call!


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These images probably came from GMBA (see sidebar)

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