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Monday 6 December 2010

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Nunn

Nunn - Forced

I'm not a fan of the work of Paul Nunn and I don't collect it because of the youth of the subjects he draws. However, I'm happy to acknowledge his existence and show a sample which is less Yaoi-like than much of his work.

The captive buddies/comrades theme is another 'pinch' from standard adventure fiction and I find it very erotic although I've never figured out quite why it should exert this power. The sexual coupling pose shown here, even with bondage involved, is pretty standard fare these days over at sites like 'Bound Gods' but the substitution of normal clothing for leather gear immediately creates a more sinister real-life atmosphere. Nunn manages to infuse the scene with a sense of frenzied activity and aggression which makes the plight of the captives seem more real. The faces of the two aggressors and their victims spell out exactly what is happening. Cold shiver time!

Nunn takes a few liberties with perspective (like the table) but they don't jar and almost lend an air of Picasso-esque respectability. This image has more convincing 'depth' than most cartoons. It's interesting to compare his treatment of folds in clothes with NSM our last artist.

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