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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Leon

Leon - Bootlicker

Not a prolific fetishist as far as I know but this image is iconic. The subject is not actually tied up and the boots are not being worn by anyone - suggesting a private fantasy is going on. This adds all sorts of psychological overtones and invites the viewer to interpret what he sees and fantasise himself. The absence of legs disappearing out of the top of the picture (as for example in the famous Tom image) strengthens the composition, keeping the viewer's focus and interest firmly inside the frame.

I like the scrunched up socks and underwear which look sexy and tell you something about the man himself. The flesh toning and depiction of hair is sensual too creating an sense of solidity and sexual desirability. Looking at this picture gives a real insight into the boot licking fetish.

I can't ID a working link for this artist but a search of gay art groups should turn up more examples. I'd welcome up to date link info from readers of this blog

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