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Friday, 18 March 2022

Art by Leon

 This is a revised and extended version of an article about Leon in the mitchmen A-Z of fetish artists series, first published in 2010

Leon - Bootlicker

You probably know this image with it's distinctive Tom of Finland flavour*. Leon's would-be sub, practicing on empty boots and pretending he's restrained is rather charming. He's very neat in appearance and has even kept his socks and underwear on. The reality of the roleplay he's imagining would probably be very different.

*I don't think Tom ever did anything exactly like this. The little known image below is more typical of his rather less earthy approach.

Tom of Finland - Boot Worship

A little-known boot-worship sketch by Tom of Finland ca.1978. It's another example of an imperfect sketch being better than the polished final product in some ways. The depiction of the face, without hard edges added, is marvellous.

Leon - Down-Trodden (my title)

A man who pairs up with a true master can expect to be kept firmly in his place. This man is much more mature than the kneeling sub above and that makes his humiliation all the more acute, but it seems he's experienced enough to take it like a sub should, in fact he's positively aroused by it. 

His clothing is intriguing. It's not exactly dungeon attire, suggesting this is not a staged roleplay. Rather it's almost as if he's just come off the street. The dark vest/singlet is the garb of a man who does manual work, which accords (stereotypically) with his hairy torso. The slim shoulder straps, however, are more like gym attire which offers another explanation of where those shapely pecs came from. His trousers though look more like part of a suit than workman's clothes. 

Leon imagines boots as having phallic qualities here by illustrating a symmetry between the toe of a boot and the tip of a cock. 

Leon - Power Down

Leon's art comes from the 80's era of Drummer and this must be such a magazine illustration. It's a notably different take on fire fighters compared with the chocolatey, bare-top beefcake that spawned a thousand calendars. There are a variety of fetish references included in this picture - Helmet of course, but also the mask with air tube, axe and thigh-length boots made of rubber. The daring analogy with enemas reflects the pre-AIDS era of celebrating all things gay and pushing boundaries. Physically daring as well, to use a high pressure hose.

Leon - Electro

There's a distinct touch of Tagame in the depiction of this man being subjected to electro-stimulation with an arty embellishment suggesting deeper pleasures. Once again he shows a mature man with a stocky build and very hairy torso. These days this open-legged pose has become a tentacles cliché, it seems too static and relaxed for a situation in which either energetic squirming or arcing rigidity is to be expected. Nice draughtsmanship though., with an arty embellishment implying deeper pleasures.


Leon has an accomplished style so it's surprising but I haven't found a website or gallery link for him. 

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