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Friday, 18 January 2013

Arrest No 7 - Piss Patrol - part 5

 Suddenly the lights go on.
“What the hell's going on here?”
It's Officer Roy, who's been wondering why Seagars has been gone so long.

Parker anxiously watches, as the cops have an angry exchange outside his cell.

“You see,” Seagars says in a flustered voice,
“Parker was claiming extenuating circumstances”.
Roy weighs things up and looks unimpressed.
“Not exactly evidence I can put before the Judge, is it?”
Parker's heart lurches at the renewed threat of a long stint in jail.

“So, what have you got to say for yourself, Parker?” demands Roy, “You seemed to be taking a close interest in Officer Seagars' cock when I arrived. 
Unnaturally close I might add.”

“Well Sir” stammers Parker, going bright red and absently reaching for the item in question as he gropes to come up with a plausible explanation. 

Seagars tries to help him out. “Parker was askin' about maybe getting just a warning this time, and he was wondering if......” 

“I'll deal with you later, Seagars” snaps Roy, waving him aside.
“Corrupting an Officer of the Law is a serious offence Parker, 
we're talking 5 years minimum.”

Parker gulps tearfully, “But I only....”.

“You only wanted to suck Officer Seagars dick, is that it? You wanna try mine too while you're at it?” and he plucks his stick out as though to tempt the prisoner. 

It's not clever. But it's very big.

Parker hesitates. He's pretty confused and frightened, unsure if he's being offered a lifeline by Roy or a stick, with which he will be beaten. Seagars gives him an encouraging nudge in the back, so he swallows his pride, sinks to his knees, closes his eyes and opens his mouth.

“There, that wasn't so hard was it?” whispers Seagars as Roy's shaft glides in.. 

“Nuurrgh” confirms the prisoner, though it does seem to be getting harder. Presumably that's a good sign.

'Make it good, baby,' thinks Seagars, 'make it good. You're playing for both of us now'.

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