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Monday 8 March 2010

Rugby Images - 01

Ain't nothing like the real thing baby! (see previous post)
Boad of beam, chunky legs, animal strength and just a hint of togetherness. The scrum is one of rugby's unique glories.


crumpet0552 said...

Couldn't agree more, but your drawing in the previous post is actually more erotic than any real-life scrum I've seen! And actually there are some very hunky three-quarters out there - remember Jeremy Guscott?

Mitchell said...

Thanks for the appreciation of my picture. Real life scrum pictures are never quite right but the left hand pair in this picture look great to me.

Anonymous said...

Love this drawing. Mitch,,,your drawings ARE great. In this pic I like the left hand doing, but I prefer the right hand doings a bit more.
Why can't you publish more of your drawings, like The Path of Pain. After all, it's your site!

Mitchell said...

Thanks for your interest in my drawings. There are actually 50 Mitchell pictures (labelled 'mitchpix')posted in this blog which is about 15% of my published work.

I do adjust my publishing methods from time to time but at the moment I prefer to keep this blog relatively vanilla so I generally don't post more extreme+explicit work here. I use it primarily as a blog and a gateway to my Yahoo! Group.

My Yahoo! Group is dedicated to just my drawings and the photo albums feature there allows me to present my stories/series in an organised way whereas the blog is completely unstructured.

I like the membership capability Groups have. Some of my work is not appropriate for an open, public blog. It is free to join, but the membership 'hurdle' deters under-age browsers and 'undesirables' and also gives a degree of privacy from search engines.

The mailing list function of Groups gives me a third level of privacy. Pictures that are too 'shocking' to be left on the photo albums can be sent out by e-mail as attachments and are not archived at the group.

The membership/mailing list figures also give me an idea of the level of interest in my work which is different to the daily visit stats I get here.

However, I am always open to new ideas. I have a long term project to set up my own 'proper' website and may experiment with posting stories in a separate adult blog or some other format even.