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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Mitchell's Rugby Art - Sexy Scrum

Mitchell - Rugby Memory

My illustrated story The Legend of The Path of Pain (avail at my Yahoo! Group) includes a section detailing the capture and milking of a whole rugby team (and the reserves!).

I have an erotic attraction to Rugby Players that goes right back to school experiences but it has been re-invigorated by recent changes in the game that have produced fitter, muscular players and sexy clinging outfits.

I took the opportunity to play with those themes in a series of rugby pictures for my story. This particular one (Rugby Memories) grew out of a sketch which I have had hanging around unfinished for 20 years or more, showing just the foreground figure wearing a jockstrap. He dresses up quite well I think, at any rate I had fun doing it! The resulting picture is not realistic and you can see the joins, as it were, but I hope it conveys some sense of the pleasure I get from watching these hunky beasts!

The full set is posted at my mitchmen Group (link in sidebar).
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