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Tuesday 2 April 2024

Art by Aizenhower

In this article I have gathered together a selection of work attributed to Aizenhower which I just happen to like. He seems to have an amazing range of styles and I don't claim this to be a comprehensive or balanced review. The titles are mine, generally his own simply provide names of the fantasy heroes depicted, rather than the subject matter.

Shower Stud

Shower scenes have always been meat and drink to the soft porn industry and it's usually a private place for reflection and the release of personal tensions, but there's a hint of  'Psycho' about this image. The strong, chunky hunk washing his hero-length hair unexpectedly shows a sexy vulnerability at being disturbed, vulnerability verging on panic .

Behind Bars

A hero's life is not all steamy, but there's plenty of sex. This one faces the double jeopardy of being tied up and locked up in a cell at the mercy of his captors. However, he must surely have consented in some way to this arrangement to be exploited by a guard through the bars of his cage. Possibly it's a ploy to escape, worth the teeth-gritting unpleasantness, but his bushing cheeks reveal that it's still an affront to his self image. It's a great picture.

Double Trouble

It's not clear whether this is a captivity situation but it does look as if the man at the middle of this trio is not very happy about being fought over. His paler skin colour seems to suggest innocence and softness, desirable qualities that are amplified by the vulnerable position they have put him in. One of the two men fighting over him seems to be the muscular hunk from the shower (above) and he has a similarly confused expression here. The third man seems to be a lot keener on sharing (or acquiring) the prize, definitely up for it you might say. He has a curious, old-fashioned moustache that used to be the sign of a foppish cad

Chained up and Open

Almost the same position of vulnerability but the addition of restraining chains and a bare, supporting shelf transforms it into a more intense situation. Tom of Finland almost invented this image back in 1970, giving it a disarmingly whimsical treatment (see below). Aizenhower's captive has a more modern appearance and a more serious expression at the prospect of initiation into the dark mysteries. 

Tom of Finland - Biker chained to a wall

 Tom of Finland's interpretation is surprisingly frank for it's time.
Typically, it's full of ambiguity and improbable body positions. 
But there's a distinct sense of a man getting his comeuppance.

click on the label at the foot of the post for more Tom of Finland imagery

Butt Machine

The initiation of the novice continues. 
The impersonal power of the machine is somehow more daunting than even the most intimidating of men. More exciting perhaps if you've taken the dare, but terrifying if you haven't.

Morning Wood

Beds are like showers, they are normally a place of safety, 
a place for recharging batteries and relieving of tension.
But like Showers and Psycho, there's an exception to every rule.....

Medical groping

An appointment at the clinic turns into something else. 
I can't understand why this man is complaining!
This is the sort of carer we'd all like to have.

Milking Therapy

Alone with the machine, this patient might wish the hunky medic was back. This milking device is clearly designed to extract more than a small sample. I love the bubbling flask of accumulating discharge in the foreground. The pressure gauge emphasises the intensity of the process and, like the butt machine, it's completely impersonal and unresponsive to appeals. Interestingly the patient is not restrained but there comes a point in this process where he's no longer in control anyway.

Big as an Arm

This more-stylised cartoon uses a similar characterisation of inexperience to the trio picture at the top of this post. The humour here has a tang of truth about it and harks back to the 'It's Gonna Hurt!' porn genre that enjoyed a vogue a few years back until realisation dawned that it was mostly clever camera work and the innocent-acting model on screen didn't find it anywhere near as daunting as the viewer. Which is not to say they weren't bring stretched!

Rugby Tackle

The artist uses a completely different style here and has created a remarkable sense of movement and drama. I'm a fan of rugby imagery and this takes all those pulled shorts pictures to the hoped-for next stage where the tackler grabs his opponents tackle. Aizenhower has captured the stereotypical, physical character traits of rugby players but I suspect the horrified expression of the tackled man is wishful thinking!

Big man spanked

The ability of cartoons to express movement makes them a good medium for spanking imagery and it also defuses the violence. That sense of comeuppance is evident again here where a big man has been stripped naked and is receiving a punishment that's turning his backside as red as his hair. If he has a fiery temperament it's not helped him and the man who is taming him has a youthful look and devilish grin that adds insult to his humiliation.


This character, another conspicuously large man, is shown suffering a more subtle and arguably more profound humiliation. He's been forced to kneel completely naked before robed men who might be part of some mystical order, Samurai perhaps. They contemptuously rest their shoes on him, prod him and cruelly expose his sexual enjoyment at being dominated by them.  

The Samurai's Pleasure

Samurai Warriors are a class apart and not renounced for their kindness to defeated enemies. This image is based on a character called Samurai Champloo whose name apparently means 'making it up as you go along'. That has an ominous ring for this prisoner who can expect anything to happen to him.

Sweaty Lovers

A more conventional statement to end on. The cartoon technique is able to add a little extra via the facial expressions and profuse sweating.

I haven't found a mainstream site for Aizenhower, his Twitter account is suspended.
There are images at Danbboru and Rule34 and many others if you search.

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