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Saturday, 26 November 2022

Abduction Art by Jero

Naked muscle hunk asleep in bed kidnapped by alien intruders at nightlked as an experiment with his own bat
Jero - Baseball Jock 1

I think this series probably ought to be entitled, 'The Baseball Jock's Dream' since it features a strikingly handsome man's intimate experiences with some little green men. I don't normally favour fetish scenarios with cartoon characters, but in this day and age these gremlin-like creatures are probably a safer bet as purveyors of mischief than the diminutive humanoids which I've featured in a couple of posts in the recent past. Anyway, this guy is so hunky I couldn't resist bringing him into the fold. Even without the invaders this image of him fast asleep in a vulnerable position with the window wide open would make a pleasing erotic statement all by itself.

Naked muscle hunk kidnapped by aliens and bound with metal, iron fetters to an X-framemilked as an experiment with his own bat
Jero - Baseball Jock 2

Jero doesn't show us how the gremlins transported their acquisition to this lab-like installation. That process might have been interesting, but that's dreams for you. The end result, with the bemused hunk spread wide and secured in an X-frame by expensive-looking stainless steel fetters, is very satisfactory, however.

The kidnappers have brought the jock's bat with them, it was leaning up against the wall in picture 1, (note the logo inscription). Now it adds an element of menace to the mystery of why they kidnapped him. 

The X-restraint arrangement is fairly familiar from other artists' renderings, but it's been given a pleasing polish-up and colour make-over that's co-ordinated with the green hue of the latest users. 
All very gay. 

Naked muscle hunk kidnapped by aliens and milked as an experiment with his own bat
Jero - Baseball Jock 3

 It turns out the LGMen only(!) want the bat as a probe. They are primarily interested in checking out the jocks plumbing (aren't we all?). The athlete proves able to accommodate the bulbous tool - with understandable difficulty but it's the results that count most in sporting endeavours and his spurt of excitement clearly delights the experimenters. It's the orgasmic arching of his body that grabs me

There are also comic versions of frames 2 and 3 with dialogue. Yes, they speak English, it is a dream after all! It ends with the kidnappers intent on making further investigations of the area as part of their scientific investigations of human physiology. Looks like a long night for the hero. 


I haven't featured Jero here before but I will show more in the future, his art not only features extremely hunky characters being put through the mill, but he also seems to capture vivid responses which convey their plight in a way that seems very real despite (or maybe it's because of) the way he blends cartoonery into more conventional images.

Jero has a gallery at Deviant Art and a Twitter page


Jimbo said...

Thanks so much, Mitchell, for introducing me to this fantastic artist who excels as few other do at realizing my wildest erotic fantasies. Hope he tries his hand at animation someday.

Mitchell said...

I must admit his work excites me more than most.