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Sunday, 15 May 2022

Art By Damo 1

Damo - Eddie Brock Milked

 This is my favourite Damo picture. It shows one of his regular subjects, Eddie Brock (of Venom fame). being overpowered by a gang of men and milked (for reasons best know to themselves). 

Eddie's hunkiness shines out through a terrific puffed out chest and tensed six pack. The sheer number of his assailants testifies to his strength and his man appeal and it makes for a great picture.

  Damo normally specialises in those multi-image series based on a single character who is progressively tweaked, gradually losing their clothes and interfered with until eruption occurs. As far as I have been able to discover, this picture is, an almost unique occurrence of men directly interacting with each other in Damo's art. And it's a great image too. There are some minor 'spatial' issues in the detail of this ambitious, crowded picture but that doesn't detract from it's dramatic impact.

I also have these two sketches attributed to Damo* and if so they are the only other examples of realistic interaction I know of by him. They show a masked superhero ( it looks a bit like an ear-less Batman) being teased and tormented by a long haired, muscular captor (Thor?). 

Although the drawings are incomplete they provide a surprising glimpse of Damo's three-dimensional capabilities which don't show in those incremental series. The captive's angled, reclining position here is really difficult to get right and the crystal-clear delicacy of the tiny tit-clamp and teasing fingers is remarkable. The neglected erection in the captive's pants and glimpse of ass-cheeks below packs an erotic punch that does not need direct elaboration. 

*Notice that the puffed out hairy, muscular chest closely resembles that of Eddie Brock in the top picture.

In this companion image the tormentor casually strokes the captive's cock tip and he's obviously chosen the right moment, causing a surge in sexual feelings that has engulfed the captive's whole body, so that he curls up defensively and raises his legs (but does not close them, notice!). 
It's a supremely inviting, submissive pose. 

Presumably these hairy lines were destined to be polished up and transformed into the artist's usual crisp, cartoon style. You can see how much subtle 'feeling' can get lost in that process.

Damo - Punisher Box

This image of a naked man, shibari-tied and forced into a transparent box as a punishment is a powerful image of subjugation but the subject's fluid response casts doubt on it's value as a punishment in his case. 

This drawing looks deceptively simple but notice the beautifully crafted feet. It's also another striking 3D accomplishment, not so much in the perspective of the box itself. but in fitting the man inside it so  convincingly. He really looks like he's squeezed inside in this incredibly contorted position. 

Apart from the air-holes, the box seems rather unreal, almost magical. It's a bit like those flimsy perspex boxes they put Christmas cards in. More substantial walls would be nice - and a lock to keep him inside!

Damo - Off To The Pound

This is out and out cartoonery, a very severe prison regime . 
I like the idea of inmates being given jocks with convict stripes to wear.

Damo - title not known

In a world where bondage is typically depicted in dungeons and hard places, 
experiencing it in a cosy, domestic bed seems exceptionally kinky

The subject here is notably less chunky than those in the preceding images, still attractively built but more like a real world man. The bondage he's been put in here is particularly complex with multiple criss-crossing ropes, it must have taken hours to knot up!

Now gagged and sightless, left on his own, he is free to enjoy - or at any rate, experience - the sensual pleasures assigned to him without having to worry about the person who set it all up. 

Of course if he's a plumber, waylaid while dealing with a dripping tap, 
he might feel differently about it all, but he looks pretty relaxed.

Another example of comprehensive roping featuring Eddie Brock again with an exceptionally large apple-like ball gag which he appears to be contentedly chewing on, lost in a world of his own.

The physique depicted here seems to have great muscularity and bulk and the complexity and radiating form of the ropework is clearly designed to contain that power. Even his fingers are individually bound in a clenched fist.

There's some sexy detail in the nether regions, a ball-stretching tether, slapped-pink buttock cheeks which are bulging through gaps in the net of roping plus a hidden vibrator lost in his internal recesses but apparently going flat out, in the red zone.

Gabriel Reyes Bound

This is the opening image of one of Damo Dee's incremental series. 
It's not Eddie this time but another handsome cove in similar, square-jawed vein.

I've always been a fan of musclemen bulging out of their shirts and putting them in an upper body harness with under-the-pec roping is a good way of exaggerating that characteristic. Damo has extended the trick to the arms here with tight loop just below the shoulder muscles, plus short sleeves which always enhance a man's biceps. 

He's dressed Reyes in mid-length shorts that do a similar job accepting the thighs, in combination with more loops of rope. He's also roped his victim's tackle, Zeus-style, trapping it in a bag improvised from his own shorts. A connecting rope, deep between the butt cheeks, anchors the arrangement. 

Gabriel Reyes is a Marvel character

I'm also drawn to this image because of the sexy (yellow) clothing
It's also nice to see a genuine black personality.   
His persona seems refined but quite fierce.

The unusual 'yoke' cum crucifixion restraint 
is a great wat to emphasise muscularity rendered impotent.

This character appears to be called Cage which is a name used in games, 
but I haven't nailed a reference for one being a black man


This mitchmen series continues in Damo Part 2 (link pending)

Damo images seem impossible to find on search engines using his name
but I managed to unearth these links via an image search

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