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Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Assorted Fetish Art by Gabo

Gabo - Barbarian Slave Sale

It's a bit niche, but I suppose Barbarians would be a particularly adventurous purchase.

Gabo - Heroes in Peril - Padrak

Chunky restraints pay homage to a man of great strength here.
They seem to be controlled by some sort of 'force field' (Redtooth?).
Behind him what looks like a light sabre (perhaps it's his own). 
A visual trick makes it seem like a ray directed at his back - imagine it lowered!
There's a slight tension in the pose, suggesting he is bracing himself for something.

Gabo - Tentacles

A cute man gets his vest and cut-offs ripped apart by tentacles, showing a shaved body.
I love the way they are exploiting the rips in his cut-offs to explore inside.
The dog tags and gloves give him some manly oomph. 
The pose and bed platform give the impression that he was already restrained before the tentacles came along (if that's what tentacles do). That 'sacrifice' scenario appeals to my fetish tastes and my sense of logic. Tentacles don't seem agile enough or decisive enough to capture a grown man on their own.
Gabo - Venom (alias Eddie Brock)

Venom's ability to destroy his own suits and create evil looking tendrils out of it puts a whole new slant on the science of tentacles. Gabo's imagining nicely captures Eddie (the human host)'s own confusion at his wayward identity. There's evidence that he's enjoying it's consquences nevertheless. The black colouring of the shredded suit allows some erotic glimpses of his bum cheeks and thighs. Gabo's enthusiasm for transplanting faces of real people is fun but you can see here how it constrains the art.

Gabo - Chris Redfield

I'm a fan of Chris Redfield's tight tee-shirt, not least when it's being ripped apart. 
The destruction of his underwear is also nicely choreographed here to highlight certain features.
His tendency to go into muscle poses in the middle of a fight shows supreme confidence.
Perhaps that's why most of his assailants are keeping at arms length!
(see also Tentakun

Gabo - Wrestling

Gabo homes in on an unsporting aspect of wrestling, sensibly concluding that a simple ball-crushing can be a lot more painful (and entertaining) than the knee balancing that usually takes the place of the old-style back-breaker these days.
The gulf in strength and ages between these two characters is a classic wrestling scenario, the old hand (!) instructing the young whelp in the cruel ways of the world. His rather thoughtful facial expression seems more matter of fact than malicious. Nice body hair too.
Gabo - Superman vs Bane

There's a similar scenario behind this image, a mismatch in physical size leading to a wrestling style backbreaking humiliation. This time it's the original Superhero as improbable victim rather than an naive sporting novice, but the comeuppance is equally enjoyable for different reasons. Gabo shows the clinginess of Superman's suit to good effect even if it is outweighed by Bane's monstrosity forcing it's way out of confinement. Supes dangling hand is in danger of encouraging it!

Gabo - Nathan Drake

There's a touch of the tentacles about this pose but his explorers garb (lightly shredded) and the sandy setting connect with the Middle East kidnap scenario of the previous post. The improvised leg-spreader produces an erotic pose and indicates that some unconventional interrogation is in prospect. This is one of multi-part series experimenting with various combinations of undress.

Gabo - Suspended

The simplest captivity of all, naked and suspended by the wrists, he is displayed and defenceless, seemingly in a deep, dark pit, a scenario reminiscent of Kalabro's fantasies.

Gabo - Man in Bondage

Its' not hard to see where the idea for this image came from, but the handsome, regular guy face and genuinely worried look distances it from normal, Kink porn, as does the intact but still erotic underwear. Gabo's rendering of the upper body ropework is particularly effective creating a deliciously upholstered look. I'm not a great fan of gags but this simple tape job conveys the job it's doing nicely without spoiling the view too much. The twin support pillars here offer great scope for highlighting precariousness, vulnerability and discomfort but Gabo has spared his victim the more lurid torments and teasing attachments- so far!
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