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Saturday, 9 January 2021

Kidnap Art by Gabo

Gabo - Arab Captive

This picture chimes with other recent images illustrating the supposed pitfalls for Westerners travelling in the Middle East as drawn by Amalaric, Bowen, Chirenon and Etienne. This captor is blessed with a very sexy torso. The nipple chain doesn't quite conform to the stereotype and the imagery doesn't really need that embellishment. However, the artist has captured a believable sense of threat and fear in the faces, a little theatrically perhaps. He leaves us to imagine what the captor is threatening to do with the rope he is brandishing (possibly it's a whip, see below). There's a near identical, naked version of this image but I prefer the tattered underwear version, evidence of what must have been an entertaining, preliminary torment, just finished. I love the neat stack of removed clothing on the unit(?) just behind the captive. He'll be reassured that just as soon as his assailant has finished with him he can dress and leave, just as tidy as when he arrived (minus undies of course).

Gabo - Indiana Jones and the Jewelled Fortress

This prequel showing the captive with underpants still intact in a classic X-frame pose is pure Amalaric! Actually the cross banding on the posts also harks back to the much older stretching of 'Jungle Jack' by Tom of Finland (and Sergey's series featuring a captured cowboy).

It's quite hard to avoid this style of restraint looking 'posed', but nevertheless the captive's musculature and underwear are nicely done. His own whip hangs on a improbably convenient hook nearby and may account for the use of the gag - or perhaps that's all part of the mindgames. 

As James Bond might have said "You don't expect me to talk, do you?"

There's a narrative to accompany this prequel drawing at Deviant Art see also link below.


 Gabo is an artist who, like Silverjow and Eddie Chin, specialises in fan art which re-imagines celebrities in homoerotic settings and most of his images have recognisable inspirations.  I'm not sure those identities are essential to enjoying them, so I'm not naming names.


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