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Friday 1 March 2024

Rampaging Octopi

Breyette - Davy Jones Locker Room

Breyette isn't noted for his fetish content and I suppose you can see this as just letting a humorous pun develop in a fantastic direction. However the muscular tentacles he's depicted here taking their pick of some innocent sportsman enjoying a well-earned shower in the locker room are sexy too. The question is, what will it do with them now it has them? An almost believable take on the tentacles phenomenon.

Etienne - Octopus attacking a Frogman

This vintage gay art showing a nude frogman being attacked by an Octopus shows how old the fantasy is. Etienne does not shrink from the erotic aspects of the situation but the creature seems to be merely embracing it's victim and feeling his pecs. One wonders whether the frogman was enjoying a naked swim or lost his trunks to the predator, as they are nowhere to be seen. There was a vogue for images like this in the 50's in Men's Adventure magazines, sometimes featuring man on man combat based on the exploits of naval divers in the Second World War.

This example is even earlier, 1940, and despite the swimmer's modestly obscure lower regions it is arguably even more homoerotic, just inspect the relative positions of the combatants. It seems to have been common for divers to carry knives for the mundane purpose of avoiding entanglement in nets and ropes on the sea bed. You see them being used to open clams and giant oysters for their pearls in adventure movies. The machete design here and lack of underwater air equipment suggests this is a local fisherman so the brown groin covering is probably a capacious, Tarzan-style loincloth.

Caught by the Octopus

Another naked swimmer is subjected to ferocious assault by a sea creature which is largely unseen, very much in the modern tentacles tradition, but it's clearly octopus-like. It's clearly a sexual predator too, pinning the arms of it's prey in human fashion, encircling his dick and gripping his testicles. Coupled with the swimmer's muscular physique, it produces a memorable image. The mouth plug suggests an attempt to show reciprocity and is a standard feature in ordinary tentacle art,  but in this environment it's potentially deadly, elevating the intensity of the image.
I don't know the artist who produced this modern take . 

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