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Thursday 19 October 2023

Sexy Rugby Fantasies by AdonisIO

In honour of the Rugby World Cup

 AdonisIO gives these rugger-huggers tight shirts and shorts
It makes their coming together so much more sexy!

 Rugby League players are already notable for their skimpy shorts
This fantasy takes the vision to a brief-like extreme
with 'butch-crouching' that shows off chunky thighs. 

A more mature player shows the kids how to do it.

This guy seems reluctant to show off his 'mini-shorts'.
Someone's helping hand prises his legs open for us.

These two also seem slightly embarrassed by their new 'crop-top' kit.
Or maybe it's the low slung waist line of the matching shorts.
Great for photos but easily dislodged in a tackle.

The artist dreamed up a more stylish variant for this player,
cleverly accentuating his amazing abs.

Even paired with relatively conventional shorts 
the combo looks great stretched over big muscle.
A treat for those in the back row of the scrum.


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