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Monday, 23 August 2021

Art by Arsch


Arsch - Stress Test

I'm drawn to the restraint position and the medical and milking themes in this image by Arsch. 

Closer inspection reveals a degree of intensity in the proceedings that is somewhat disturbing and the gloved hands in the foreground are distinctly sinister.

On an artistic level the detailing is impressive with an authentic 'cluttered' effect for the lab surroundings, I love the noticeboard. There's also a close attention to texturing of clothing and the surface of the platform/bed, for example. The skin of the subject is similarly enhanced producing a veining effect which gives an impression of heightened stress, an authentic elaboration but for me it detracts from the sensuality of the subject.

The given title of this piece does not quite tally with the that shown on the monitor display in the background of the image. I can't find any definition or translation for the word 'estrust', however 'estrus' has an interesting definition which may be relevant.

I can't find a link for the artist.

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