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Thursday, 14 October 2021

Naked Judgement by David Hueso

David Hueso - Ventrue

A naked, tightly-bound captive kneels before the desk of a seedy-looking executive who stares out of his window pondering his decision in the lights of the night time city. The brightly-lit buildings suggest the Financial World at it's ceaseless machinations, but this scene reeks of high-powered, brutal gangsterism (in the sinister Asian style, judging by the guard's elaborate sword). Not a conventional, employee, disciplinary hearing it would seem. Unless this is an elaborate interrogation technique one senses there can only be one, very unpleasant outcome.


 David Hueso is a Spanish artist who often produces Fantasy Historical Comic Book imagery and the word Ventrue refers to a Vampire clan, neither of which fit into the 'mitchmen' topic list, but this particular illustration, infused with deadly menace, certainly does. 

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