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(Feb 18th 2018)

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

The Art of Homoeros - 1

Homoeros - Evandro playing squash (tennis?)
   Homoeros is a prolific producer of male renders featuring handsome, young men with notably slender waists and extremely well-defined muscularity. Very often he illustrates them in conventional, static, beefcake poses, like the one below. The example above is a nice dynamic exception with an unusual subject. It gets an extra accolade for promoting spectacles as an erotic accessory (if not for encouraging the use of a tennis racquet on a squash court!). Homoeros often features clothing in his images and this first part of my article about him focuses on that aspect of his work. 

Homoeros - Evandro, on the building site
If you review this artist's gallery at Deviant Art you will immediately see that he enjoys creating different 'models', often naming them (this is Evandro), then dressing them in various clothes - and undressing them - while placing them in different locations.  If this sounds like playing with dolls, many of his creations do have a certain doll-like quality about them but his preoccupation with this activity reflects a fascination with the capabilities of the render software and a certain interest in exercising power over his male creations. This is quite different to the nurturing pleasure girls get from their dolls! - or is it?

Many render artists (even Ulf!) struggle with creating clothing from scratch, often resulting in 'painted on' garments or shapeless baggies. Homoeros gets round the problem neatly in this example by photographically borrowing a real man's jeans for his model to wear.

Homoeros - Cowboy by Matt
This tribute to the art of 'Matt' shows a deeper artistic sensibility and provides an opportunity to show off his vision of a man's muscular back in a very authentic pose, spiced with a tantalising dose of  'builders bum'. Although his men are always ultimately revealed to have generous, thick endowments and cute bubble butts, he often seems disinclined to let them show very much through their clothing - in stark contrast to Matt's cowboy in the picture on the wall before him.

Homoeros - Massive Trapeze Artist

That can't be said of this image! There are situations where the 'painted on' render look is entirely appropriate. This depiction of a figure in tights compares favourably with the cruder display of Tom of Finland's acrobats, discussed here recently. It's not exactly understated, but is a more believable fantasy of a performing artist than Tom's one. It shows that this artist 'gets' tights as being both revealing and restraining and wouldn't you like to stand close to him! The sense of manly strength created by the simple expedient of an upward looking viewpoint is striking.

Homoeros - Tommy, Star Swimmer
Homoeros sometimes imagines his characters getting together for romantic interludes. This image shows the initial spark of interest between two Speedo-clad swimmers. Everyone loves looking at men in skimpy swimming trunks but good imagery like this is surprisingly uncommon, showing them as randy sportsmen in the public environment of the competitive pool, not just men frolicking at the beach or in a rich man's pool. The erotic shaping of the garments here is idiosyncratic but it's a good illustration of the erotic power of clothing.

Homoeros - Soldier
Making outer garments disappear leaving underwear and the 'tools of the trade' behind is a long-standing, favourite device for beefcake and underwear photographers. It never fails to create the shock of the unfamiliar and imparts to the model great sexual confidence and daring. This military example from Homoeros is eye-catching and memorable thanks to the 'Miss Saigon' helicopter wow-factor and the artist's enviable eye for colour and co-ordination, which is also evident in the other images included in this article. There's a subtle muscularity and balance in this soldier's body which is pleasing and the drooping belt attracts us to his other nice feature. You can have some fun spotting the 'joins' in this picture if you look closer.

Homoeros - Ronnie in College

I've included this example because I like the face and slender curving body. It highlights this artist's preference for narrow waists. The jockstrap is not usually suited to slim, clean cut boys (see my article here) but narrower supporting straps definitely help. Fortunately this lad sports an improbably large backside ideally suited to being 'harnessed' by the jock's open-back design. His pouch suggests some bulky assets at the front with the diving frontal lines making for an almost immodest display quite at variance with Ronnie's innocent-looking face. The rendering of the straps is not entirely successful, but this fortuitously creates the, not entirely unwelcome impression, that the garment is about to fall off - a risky situation in a young male locker room.

Homoeros - Model No 297
This model, unnamed by the artist, is of a more mature mould, with a striking face that looks unexpectedly real and (with a hint of 5 o'clock shadow) very appealing. His body is once again slim with deep cut muscular definition bringing out even the minor muscle groups and decorated with veiny detail. He gazes out of the window as though waiting for someone, apparently intending to greet them naked (insert your own fantasy here!). In this picture you get a chance here to see how Homoeros views a man's sexual equipment and, curiously, his cock is the exact opposite of his body - chunky, thick and very smooth
- and I might add, in the words of mass market restaurant chains, it's succulent too.

Homoeros - Model 55
The musculature of this model is even more pronounced, but it's a chunkier, wider build. His face is characterful and lived-in with shaping round the mouth and cheeks indicative of greater maturity, as is the thinning hair, a devilishly attractive detail I can't recall having seen in erotic art before.

Combined with the slightly dazed look and unsteady pose this model steers perilously close to stereotypical representations of Dr Frankenstein's creature. Perhaps that is what Homoeros intended, modelling men of his own invention is exactly the way he approaches his art. If so this one is definitely an improvement on the original, a monster in size only.

The ropes on the man's wrists and the winching equipment behind him offer a more prosaic but exciting explanation of his downcast, groggy look. Perhaps of his ultra slim waist too, if that's not being too disrespectful. This artist's control over his inventions goes beyond dressing-up games, it has a darker side too and that is what I shall explore in the remainder of these articles about him.   

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Little Known Incidents of WWII (No 3)

Animal friends featured occasionally in War Comics, appealing to the young target audience and bolstering the humane credentials of the 'goodies'. In this story Billy, a stray dog, leads the Commandos to the hidden, enemy HQ. Commando missions in War Comics regularly made use of sewers and underground tunnels to penetrate the enemy position or make stealthy withdrawals. (!)

Will Wilkins manage to get into the tight crevice assigned to him? 
The dubious look on his face as he is given this demanding task is priceless.

His colleagues in the background seem to be shrinking from volunteering.
or perhaps they're fantasing about Wilkin's crevice.
The one on the extreme right looks like Tom of Finland's Kake.

Maybe I'm imagining the gay sub-text, but I always thought 
the 'cockleshell' hats worn by Commandos made them look very cute and sexy.

Images adapted from War Picture Library, 'Ghost Rockets' (Fleetway Library)

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Monday, 9 July 2018

While you were sleeping


The fantasy of being awoken by an attractive, amorous intruder
 is one that crossed my mind quite often in my youth 
and it's nicely played out this sequence from Stag Homme.

You can imagine the sleeper stirring from his dreams,
realising he's not alone in his bed 
and discovering unknown lips are exploring him.

The uninvited visitor's cropped hair and stubbly chin 
create a suitable impression of a villainous intruder, 
so too would the tattoos have done at one time.

There's something very erotic about this image 
with hints of calculating control and confused, but willing, submission

A tweak on the joystick is usually a winning strategy.
Sleepyhead goes with the flow.

I think it's in the bag!
(or something like that)
Francesco D'Macho and Rob Nelson both look great in this sequence from 2009.
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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Bareass Blogs No 24

Bareass Banner B(e)arer

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Thursday, 28 June 2018

Men Sharing Clothes No 24 - Skimpy white briefs

Seth Fornea by Kevin D Hoover
When Seth Fornea got into this pair of cotton briefs,
 those threads could not have imagined what they were in for!
It's to be a stretching experience for them.

Seth Fornea by Kevin D Hoover
You have to hand it to the photographer here, ginger men don't always photograph well but Seth's majestic masculinity booms out of the picture and those briefs are bearing the brunt of it!
Fiery pubes boil over the top from the steamy brew within.

Seth Fornea by Kevin D Hoover
Seth eases them down for comfort.  
Funny how that oil (or something) gets everywhere!

Tommy by Kevin D Hoover
When Tommy comes to try them on,
he looks down as if something isn't quite right.
Sensing Seth's previous presence perhaps?

Nevertheless, the garment's magical ability
 to arouse and enlarge seems totally undiminished.
Soon more oil and stuff impregnates the fibres.

Michael Prince by Kevin D Hoover
 Another day, another oily ginge, 
putting those long suffering undies through their paces
but he too is looking like he's not quite sure about this.

Boomer Banks by Kevin D Hoover

If Tommy and Michael seemed disturbed, 
Boomer Banks looks positively repelled by something.
His credentials would represent the biggest brief test yet 
If only he could bring himself to stuff them in.
Jason Williams by Kevin D Hoover

But sometimes it's just nice to feel the closeness of all those other men
and enjoy the nice snug fit.

With thanks and apologies to Kevin D Hoover and all his models for the images
I'm sure he treats them (and his underwear) well.

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click on the 'sharing' label below. 

Friday, 22 June 2018

Little Known Incidents of WWII (No 2)

During the Second World War, both sides became renowned 
for inventing new and ever more exotic weapons
 and novel ways to overcome the opposition.

Italy 1944

Some artists produced incredibly detailed artwork for these stories
 and each book consisted of around 130 panels.
The covers were painted scenes of some quality (see No 1 in this series).
A lot of effort went into the production of each issue.

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Saturday, 16 June 2018

Little Known Incidents of WWII (No 1)

Jim was supposed to distract the sentry while his Unit carried out their mission. 
His approach was easy, the man wasn't even looking out to sea, nor watching the beach.
The surf and the squawking seagulls hid the sound of his movement through the grass. 

But now, up close, he found himself fascinated by the sentry's immaculate, gleaming boots.
He could smell their leather, see them flex as the man shifted his weight in them.
Boyhood memories stirred deep within him, of  booted, celluloid screen heroes
flamboyantly overcoming their opponents, forcing them to kneel and submit.

Jim felt a strange temptation to reach out, touch, to smell them, even.
Suddenly the sentry stirred and stretched lazily, he turned and saw Jim lying there. 
"Himmel, ein Englander!" he exclaimed, hastily un-slinging his gun and aiming it.

Their eyes met. A sort of recognition passed between them.
Jim forgot his orders, in that moment he knew what he had to do.


War Comics like this were part of my formative influences. I can't recall seeing this one and probably would not have caught on to the fetishistic interpretation even if I had. Not consciously anyway. Once you have spotted it however, it's hard to imagine that it wasn't intentional. 

This second image reinforces that fanciful impression. Notice that Jim's hand appears to be actually touching the boot here. It comes from a completely different story and although the styling of the boots and other details is similar, it's not by the same artist.

At the time, the so-called 'jackboot' was popular shorthand for the despised militarism and aggression of the regime. Both creators are drawing on that to create a sense of looming menace, but you can't help wondering if there's more to it than that! Most of the ordinary soldiers in the conflict actually treated prisoners with respect given the chance, but it makes for good suspense.


 These stories were supposed to inspire British boys with tales of valour, sacrifice and triumphing over adversity. The heroes were attractive and masculine and some of the images were highly homoerotic as they got themselves into and out of fixes or just did manly things, in and out of uniform. The artwork varied in quality but was often very attractive as you can in the two examples shown here. I plan to explore that imagery further in future articles for it's erotic and artistic interest,
(hopefully managing to avoid the minefield of racism and violence attached to the stories).

 Images adapted from War Picture Library, (Fleetway Library)

Saturday, 9 June 2018

The Look of Dismay

The look that says "Oh no! Don't go floppy on me now!" 

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Monday, 4 June 2018

Tom's Circus Acrobats

 Tom of Finland's 'Circus' story (1975) was one of his 'Pekka' might-have-beens. It's birth (according to Hooven's biography) was mired in conflict between writer and artist. As a piece it suffers from the same limitations as the other 'Pekka' stories (see my recent Pekka 'Loggers' article) . However it is notable for it's depiction of muscular acrobats in skimpy tights.

This surely must be one of Tom's most erotic, indeed romantic pictures, 
with Pekka falling under the spell of a classic homo-erotic stereotype.
There's a fascinating 'is he or isn't he?' ambiguity
about just how intimate their contact is in the lower regions.

The man in the Top Hat is not the Ringmaster, but a magician 
who has just materialised a clutch of (chicken) eggs from Pekka's pants.
(I'd like to see that on "Britain's Got Talent"!)

 Word like 'skimpy' and 'revealing' scarcely do justice to the design of the acrobat's performing outfits in this scene and it's little wonder that the author thought his serious writing was being compromised. If you hadn't spotted this feature in the previous picture you might find my comments make more sense now if you go back and re-read my commentary. With tights, Tom's mining a potentially rich vein of eroticism, but this open arrangement discards part of the very essence of the garment.
It doesn't leave the imagination anywhere to go. 
A slightly more demure 'bulge' might have made a more thought-provoking image.  

Tom's design purpose becomes clear in this fanciful sequel. The performance of 'The Flying Fuckers' is the spectacular climax of the 'Circus' story. Tom illustrates it with a further group of 3 more Pekka-style sketches showing other erotically-inspired leaps and 'catches'.

Tom doesn't quite overcome the ultimate improbability of aerial intercourse, but does succeed in capturing something of the flight and balletic grace of the entertainers in these pictures. However the reversion to simple sketches at this critical point in the story (a puzzling feature of the Pekka series) means the piece ends with an visual anti-climax after a promising build-up. 

I'd have been fascinated to see the result if he'd done this series about fifteen years earlier and relied on more subtle signals to suggest an erotic interaction between these two flyers, hinting at intimacy to come. As it happens, Tom had portrayed acrobats 15 years earlier, as part of another 'Circus' series in 1961, but not as adventurously as this (below).

Tom - Acrobats from the 1961 'Circus' series
This picture is the only acrobat image in the 1961 Circus series. Tom shows their packages discreetly but it's decipherable to the trained (and seeking) eye. However, this is not so much an erotic image as an admiring one. It is positive and affirming, as the young man is awarded the applause for his accomplishment by his generous partner and mentor. The slightly germanic blond on the right was a stock character in this period of Tom's work, appearing in various guises and invariably portrayed as a happy, desirable man. This image gives him a rather 'manly' character.

There's a further group of what appear to be acrobats
in Tom's 'Dare Devils' series of 1962.

Tom clad the 'The 3 Dare Devils' in skimpy briefs in preference to tights and they have the distinct air of bikers about them with their Sam Browne belts and leather wrist supports. There's an astonishing gulf of explicitness between this picture and the 1961 acrobats which makes me wonder if that picture could be older than I supposed an not part of the 1961 series.

I have never discovered an image of the 'Dare Devils' performing on the trapeze, so their occupation is really supposition on my part based on the name, I suppose it could equally be a 'Wall of Death' motorcycle display team. Whatever they did, I'd have liked to have seen them in action! 

The '3 Dare Devils' have a story of their own which I will describe in separate post.


Influences contributing to Tom's dabbling with Circus imagery are not hard to find. Acrobats made a dramatic appearance in popular culture with the controversial 1956 movie 'Trapeze' starring Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis. The actors played out a mentor/student relationship with a strong suggestion of homosexual love thrown in. Tom must have known of this film and there's a hint of the Lancaster-Curtis cross-generational relationship from 'Trapeze' in his 1961 picture above, although his 'older' man is less removed in age and less grizzled than Lancaster. (This movie connection adds to the case for an earlier dating of Tom's image).

In the 10 years that followed 'Trapeze' there was a rash of films about the circus and a TV series 'Circus Boy' which ran from 1956-58. This is still well before Tom's 'Circus' in 1975. However, a reference from this era that stopped me in my tracks and prompted this article was the story of Ricky and David Nelson (shown below).

Ricky and David Nelson
Ricky Nelson (left) was a top-selling rock and roll/pop singer in the 1950's, one of the first teenage hearthrobs with a string of 30 Top-40 hits from 1957 to 1962, and he was very cute! (see below).
Ricky Nelson publicity shot
What I didn't know about him was that in the late 50's he also performed with his brother David as a trapeze artist in 'The Flying Nelsons', their act being shown briefly on TV in 1960.  The resemblance between David's costume in the picture above and the indecent acrobats in 'Circus' is quite uncanny! I'm sure Tom will have heard of Ricky Nelson but possibly not his acrobatic career. However, given Ricky Nelson's world-wide fame at the time, it's quite likely that this picture (highly revealing for it's day) would have been shown to Tom.

Sadly, Circus is one of those performing arts that does not reward close-up scrutiny or regular viewing and whose collective, diverse nature demands too much patience from modern audiences, who have grown accustomed to a fare of continuous indulgence and high excitement, undiluted by lesser pleasures or tradition. Tom was a child of the 30's and old enough to have experienced the post-war revival of Circus. He captures a flavour of it's history and declining years in his two forays but his attempts to inject erotic interest perhaps show too much respect for the authenticity of the traditions he was trying to draw on.

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Thursday, 31 May 2018

Mitchell's Art for June - Feeling His Collar

Mitchell - Feeling His Collar
Jamie couldn't quite believe what was happening
It was like a terrible black dream.
But the hand feeling his collar was real enough.
'Not long now' said the guard, coldly

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Sunday, 27 May 2018

A Life of Pirates

Julius  seems to be imagining a sort of 'Pirates of the Caribbean', erotic theme park here
 with randy semen sorry, seamen providing entertainments for the boys.

"Get yourself kidnapped by pirates, 

authentic raping and pillaging extra".

This one seems bored with it all, he's probably missing his phone.

Actually, I quite admire Julius' Pirate in this picture.
I mocked a well known model recently for wearing head-gear like this,
Julius gets it to look OK, the size of the crown is just right.

What I don't get is the young man of dubious age, seemingly awestruck by the Pirate's Post.

Julius often positions them like this, just visible in the corner of the picture,
like the cherubs that hang around deities in medieval art.

I suppose that comparison is possibly apt, but why does Julius do this?

He obviously likes drawing mature, muscular men, in some stories there's page after page of them.
At the same time, there's not a lot of indication in Julius' art that he actually likes boys that much.
They are frequently relegated to the periphery or background of the image.
His drawing of them, even when they fully visible, does not suggest he admires boyish physiques,
nor that he's overly familiar with what they look like (unless he's being very cunning).

However his stories, are always written from the point of view of inexperienced lads
and they often portray the impressive men who they meet, as being not very nice.
They are often controlling and sometimes they force themselves upon their young protegees.
I think we can presume this Buccaneer is likely to be cast in such a mould.

Why does Julius make young men the centre of his stories, but not his artwork?
Perhaps he's reliving boyhood fantasises.

This Pirate seems equally mystified.

More on Julius

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Milking Factories - 3

 This milking factory by Cupcakes666 is the most intense yet. 
This factory owner cleary thinks that uncomfortable restraint and ball tingling enhances the yield.
He's clearly invested heavily in hi-tech extraction equipment for his herd.
The boys are straining at their task most convincingly, but I suspect the pay's not that good.

 This GIFF variant by desaxxx1 goes beyond simple animation 
by adding tit-pumps, clearly inspired by farm milking machines
and imagining a never-ending stream of mixed dairy produce.

Do bigger balls produce more milk?
One of life's unanswered questions.

DGG- Alien Milking
The atmosphere here seems much calmer, 
but perhaps those restraint blocks are more limb-clamping than they look, 
threatening to reward energetic movement with broken bones.
I want to limit this series to the original Milking Factory idea of mass male extraction, 
so, for example, I'm trying to exclude solo milking machines, of which images abound
 (starting with Franco, way back).

This image seems a bit of a cheat too, why would aliens want to mass produce human milk?
The circular disposition of the machines is also more brat-lab than factory production line.  

The alien in the middle seems to be processing the lad's milk into a (presumably tasty) drink 
(note the green tumbler). So perhaps this is more like a Vending Machine situation, fresh is best, as it were.
Perhaps it's the restaurant checkout at a branch of Ikea somewhere out in the Milky Way 
Let's hope for these lad's sake that human meatballs are not a delicacy here.

Anyway, this picture does feature an unusual stimulation route via the navel 
and if you've ever tried pressing it during fluff extraction, you'll probably understand the allusion. 
Just a tip. Well it works for me!

The resemblance of this arrangement to an umbilical cord introduces a curiously oblique form of 'back to the womb' subjugation/domination which I suspect has more resonance for women than us chaps.

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Monday, 21 May 2018

Bareass Blogs No 21

 Bareass Blue-Shirted Baseball Batter 
(Bed-Ready, Bareass Blue-Shirted Baseball Batter )

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Bareass Blogs No 20

Bareass Backwoods Backwards Lookin' Butt Blusher
and a BukBuddy too!

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

My Window Cleaner

The muscular handy man who strips off to do his job, is a perennial erotic fantasy,
one much exploited by advertisers (notably Coca Cola).
Indeed, my own mitchmen 'tag' is the Dishonest Gardener who does exactly this 
- and other things he shouldn't, sadly. But that's another story.

These images from Modus Vivendi got my thinking about hiring a window cleaner as well,
although my glass is less extensive than this.
I suppose they should have got me thinking about buying new underwear really,
but I know what I like!

MV did get the cut of these underpants just right - for this model anyway,
but the photograper who dreamt up the matching welly boots was inspired.
Providing just the right degree of observance of 'Elf 'n' Safety guidlines
and kinkily highlighting his nakedness.
(No marigolds thankfully)

 If I can find a man who works this hard, all the better!
Exhausted by his endeavours and sporting a shiny wet torso as proof
His softly contoured muscularity might even justify a bonus.

A week later methinks, thank goodness the weather hasn't changed!
It's reassuring to see he's changed his underwear since his last visit.
The darker colour gives his body a more 'hour-glass' shape 
accentuating pecs and thighs

I need hardly add that the yellow seams also accentuate his nether regions
Just as last weeks pair accentuated his butt.
A most tactile-looking package. This chap could be a bit of a handful. Mmmm.

Unfortunately it looks like he's easily distracted, 
It's probably some passing builder giving him a wolf-whistle.
Get on with your work mate! 
That glass won't clean itself!

All pictures modelled by Alexandros Kaltsidis for Modus Vivendi