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(Oct 28th 2018)

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Little Known Incidents of WWII (No 8) Bizarre Brutality no 2

Talk about the Perils of Pauline! *
A melodramatic but gruesome execution technique is imagined in spectacular fashion for this comic cover art. (Actually this is Jacques but there is a Paul later in the story).
Despite it's absurdity, the bondage and danger is not without a frisson of interest!

*Apparently Pauline was never tied to  railway tracks in her films (according to Wikipedia
that honour went to Mabel Normand .

Jacques is a resistance fighter who has laid explosive charges on the track to disrupt enemy troop movements. He is caught in the act by a patrol whose (unusually high-ranking) Commander decides to make his punishment fit the crime after Jacques is cheeky to him. A back-handed face-slap is always good for rebuking insolent prisoners and underlining their helpless predicament. 

Jacques is tied to the track in place of his dynamite charge. In the top image it looks as if his leather jacket has been removed first, but not these other ones. In view of Jacques trim physique one might have hoped that such a sadistic captor would be minded to strip him to his underwear at least. It would have made a much better picture. But it looks like there wasn't time.

Thanks to the enemy's efficient running of the railway system Jacques doe not have long to wait before he meets his fate, the 3.30 is bang on time. His sadistic captor is rewarded with an involuntary show of cold sweat and fear.

However, salvation is at hand. Jacques had actually laid two explosive charges in case one failed to go off. Luckily the first one explodes right on schedule, just in time to derail the train which fortuitously takes out the enemy patrol as well, but leaves Jacques unscathed. 

The slightly less gallant Paul, who has been watching from nearby,
frees Jacques to fight another day (hopefully after a bit of stress-relieving, man-on-man action).
These images are from Battle Picture Weekly which was a second generation War Comic, printed in a tabloid format rather than the booklet form of the originals. Produced in the 1970's it featured more spectacular imagery and dramatic angles like the top picture, reflecting the advances in Comic Art used to stunning effect in Marvel Superhero scenarios.
It also had a less compromising approach to violence than it's predecessors, perhaps illustrated best here by the second, face-slapping image which is pretty convincing. The explicit bondage in this strip is also a product of that change, in earlier comics, bondage scenes are brief and usually devoid of any interesting detail. This artist produced work for both regimes, his blond heroes are instantly recognisable, but they don't flash the flesh sadly, let alone any attractions below the waist. The cover art, however, looks like it was produced by a different man and you sense slightly more erotic flavouring in the hint of pecs and the tighter arm restraint.
Nevertheless, this little story is full of homoerotic and fetish interest for imaginative minds.

For other War Comic innuendo click on the label below.

See also Bizarre Brutality No 1

Monday, 10 December 2018

Wrestling Arsenal

If you have enjoyed my occasional forays into the world of wrestling you may like to sample the posts on offer at Wrestling Arsenal. I'm partly returning a compliment with this review as they recently featured an article about my own 'Mitchell' artwork and blog but you'll find the author of this blog has a similar mindset to my own. He explores most thoroughly the homoerotic pleasures offered by grunting hunks in combat, illustrating his ruminations with generous lashings of erotic imagery. 

Johnny Moran humiliated
I'm not the greatest fan of the biff-bash, punch and jump  style typical of modern pro-wrestling, let alone the stuff with tables and ladders and pretended feuds. It's genuinely dynamic nature does not make for the best quality images either. However, it's apparent realism makes the occasional hunk humiliation (like Johnny Moran's above) all the more spicy. The author of Wrestling Arsenal does us the service of extracting some of the sexiest elements of these contests, presenting them as still photos and digestible GIF's.

The author is probably a more genuine fan of wrestling (the sport) than I am,
and you can tell he's aware of the craft and skills involved,
 but he also has a keen eye for homoerotic moments like this
which wouldn't usually feature in most match reports.

Anyone who understands how sexy, show-off trunks like this
make the humiliation of the wearer that much more pleasurable, certainly gets my vote.

Pain holds and submission scenarios have always rung my bells (providing they look reasonably convincing). They usually seem to focus on the opponents back which tends to produce nice, groin-offerings and body arching. Unfortunately the dangers of such manoeuvres, pointed out in the caption here, usually seem to blunt the attack rather than enhance the threat. The fact that the combatants don't face each other in the 'Crab' has always seemed a shame to me, with both men missing a out on a tremendous view! However it does produce some excellent butt-on-butt moments sometimes.

From butts on butts to lips on lips (?). We're used to seeing sportsmen embracing and kissing on the field, but the suggestion of a furtively snatched kiss in this image goes one better in some ways, because it's not typical of this bare-skin sport. This picture has captured a swirling sense of intimacy between the two scantily-clad and tough-looking boys.

 Another furtive moment has been spotted here, this one starring Alex Wright's pouch.
I think that lady in the crowd has seen it too.

Dak Draper strutting

Pro wrestling is not awash with pin-up beauties but a touch of rough charm
coupled with well-shaped, white trunks and a sweaty torso is a decent substitute.

 Those same qualities are showcased in this porn-like, intimate image.
The look of looming defeat doesn't sit well with those 'golden boy' boots
and this lends an air of delicious humiliation to his plight.


Plight is probably the word for this scenario too, as the ref joins in the poor victim's humiliation, restraining Caliboy here so Chace LaChance can punch him. This image is from an erotic wrestling studio (Wrestler4Hire) which I featured here not long ago. In these matches the action is more acted out than usual and there's no paying audience, but that gives the scope for more overtly homoerotic and better quality imagery..


Studio matches allow sexy close-ups like this one of Chace's pert pouch

You don't normally see ball-tapping either in pro-matches, at least not as blatantly as this and certainly not by the referee! It's quite a robust tap too, I think Caliboy's recoil and subsequent grimace is probably perfectly genuine.

A bit of tit-tweaking (right) seems quite tame by comparison, but I guess it depends how sensitive you are. Quite apart from the underhand bullying here, the sustained physical restraint of Caliboy creates a series of very nice images.

There's eight years of sweaty encounters to work your way through at the Wrestling Arsenal blog
 and the earliest posts are equally interesting and imaginative.

Boot Worship (click to enlarge)
 This little gem is from Jan 2011, picking up a typical pro-wrestling, mock-humiliation scene and embellishing it with dialogue that takes the domination fantasy almost into the realms of enslavement. I particularly like the referee's opportunistic suggestion. The images selected for the montage are all seriously erotic for a fetish fan and you can see the effort that has gone into creating an image that is just one of several in this article. You'll soon realise this guy puts an awful lot of effort into assembling his material and commentary.

To misquote Tom of Finland, I know an image is good when it makes me want to improve it - in this case I'd make the loser show a bit more reluctance and be ordered in the last frame to get to the dressing room/shower and ready his ass for the winner's input - but perhaps you can't go that far with pix of real people.

The use of accessories in the ring is not something I normally favour, but I couldn't ignore these chains, not in a fetish blog. The man on top is podgily attractive and even gets away with sporting some wild hair. Unfortunately such moments cannot really lead anywhere very interesting in a  contest with an audience. I guess we're also flirting with tricky, historical taboos in some respects here, but then, fetish does not discriminate!

If you like these images pay Wrestling Arsenal a visit
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Friday, 7 December 2018

First Catch Your Rogue 13

First catch your rogue

 Then make him grovel.

Then widen his education.

He won't thank for it, but at least you'll be doing your bit.

Devin Moss loses his shorts and has his ...erm...horizons widened 
by Rafael Alencar in Disturbing the Peace (2011)
Photos courtesy of

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Monday, 3 December 2018

Mitchell's Art - A New Series - Brick and the Mad Scientists

This is one of the pictures in my new series, just started at the mitchmen Yahoo! Group
It's adapted from Boi Bill's original story 'Brick and the Mad Scientists
and the previous adaptation of it by Aquadude (whose site I recommend).

It tells the tale of hard-up, bodybuilder Brick, who volunteers for a medical trial
to get the money for his overdue apartment rent. 
In this scene he waits for the Doctor to come and examine him
to determine if he's fit enough to participate in the trial.
It turns out he is - unfortunately for him.

You can see it as it is published by joining the mitchmen Yahoo! Group
(it's free to adults)

for other mitchmen pictures by Mitchell, click on the 'mitchpix' label below
or visit my Gallery Hub (using the tab at the top of the page) 

Friday, 30 November 2018

The Art of Colt 3 - Cowboys

Colt Cowboys of the Lüger era have a distinct whiff of Marlborough Man about them. He's the modern day, working cowboy, a 'real' man of unquestionable masculinity, strong and silent. This terrific picture shows two such men, who seem to be trying to explore a mutual interest in each other without compromising their own perceptions of masculinity. It's the sort of situation disappointingly enacted at great length in 'Brokeback Mountain', several decades later. 

Despite the averted eyes, Colt's picture is genuinely romantic on it's own closeted terms, but also highly erotic if you linger over the detail. There isn't a hint of explicitness beyond some deliciously naked buns and bare bottom-halves. No disguised erections or secret touching. Instead a casually cloaking, Indian blanket provides an erotic connection. The short end seems to be not just screening, but lightly draped over a hidden organ and we can imagine the other man also lightly touching it, using it as a shared, mutual 'frottage' device. It's trailing fringe seems to hint (almost crudely) at a state of high excitement .

The same furtive, disinterested air permeates this image but there's no romance at all here. These men don't even face each other, a hand resting on a shoulder being the only hint of an emotional connection.

The seated man has a slightly sinister air. His broad brimmed hat (reminiscent of Quaintance cowboys) hides his face and he doesn't just avert his eyes from his partner, he looks in the opposite direction. He's balanced on his stool as though eager to escape - it's as though he's ashamed of what he is doing. The leg of his stool betrays his inner desire and you'll find this piece of furniture performing a 'hidden eroticism' function in other Colt pictures too. To the knowledgeable watcher, his lightly-clenched fist is arguably more expressive of urgent desire.

The foreground figure sits back, as though waiting his turn or already serviced. He seems to epitomise temptation, facing the viewer with all his goods stacked up in the shop window and a knowing look on his face, half-smiling, as he cocks his hat invitingly at us.

The anonymous, central figure stands above this, not disinterested of course, but detached. He's depicted in a majestically masculine way which the others are not. That hand on the shoulder gesture seems to reflect a confidence in his superior, separate status, at ease with his needs and those who service them, but not part of their world. 

The overall effect is slightly depressing to modern eyes. If a Bible basher wanted to illustrate the dark emptiness and shame of homosexuality, with it's predatory seduction of 'decent' men, he'd find it hard to better this. Of course Lüger is merely chronicling the reality of his own era in which furtive, anonymous encounters were the norm and filled with real danger which generated it's own excitement and urgency. In this context you might equally interpret the foreground figure as an expression of defiance. It's a situation which is largely unknown to us in the West today, but not elsewhere in the world.

It's interesting to compare this image with the Three Sailors in my previous article
which also has a satyr-like third party smugly observing from the fringes. That image however is a confident celebration of gayness. I believe these pictures are near contemporaries, but the contrast in content and technical style suggests much has changed in the intervening period between them.

Colt's flair for depicting the more mature and rugged type of man is a natural fit to the Cowboy scenario and he makes hay here, augmenting that manliness with some of the 'tools of the trade' - the chunky gun belt, the bullwhip and leather gloves. There are spurs lurking in the background too, Colt brings them into view by memorably capturing a casual, crossed leg pose that is characteristically male and brimming with self-confidence. I delight in details like this which neatly encapsulate 'maleness' and demonstrate the observational skill of the artist.

This array of coercive weaponry is intimidating enough but the man's prodigious cock straining at his jeans tops them all. Flaccid, downward-pointing equipment (demonstrated here by his younger companion) seems to have been permitted in this era. Colt demonstrates the absurdity of such rules by using clothing to imply a trapped giant, which is clearly enlarged and aroused but unable to point upwards.

The younger man seems dwarfed but not particularly intimidated, wary perhaps of that monster (which of course is level with his mouth). His crouching pose seems to be symbolic of submission, but he's turned away and the view he's presenting to the older man is highly provocative. If you check the eye-lines you'll see it hasn't gone unnoticed!

The younger men that Colt incorporates into cross-generational images like this often seem to have an exaggerated boyishness, lacking in masculine character almost. The frivolous quiff in his hair and the delicate way he holds his cigarette contrasts with his companion's equivalents, which show a 'real man' casualness. The singlet he is wearing also seems oddly out of place. It shows he has creditable pecs, but doesn't achieve the torso enhancing qualities illustrated in the first picture of this article. In a way it is a charming portrait of a young man, adult and sexually aware, but still growing into his manhood.  In this friendly giant he seems to have found a possibly demanding mentor but an enviably attractive one. (I have always loved the big man's triangle of chest hair and perfectly shaped pecs in this picture).

You might also interpret the collar-like neckerchief and the whip loops as indicative of bondage interest but it doesn't seem a particularly strong element - see below.


This image is a detail of a larger picture I've not been able to lay my hands on. It's contemporary with the previous one (1969) but is a much more assertive statement of sexuality. The two mature Cowboys here are more obviously thinking earthy, sexual thoughts - witness the open legs, open mouth and self-touching. The two cocks on display are definitely not flaccid either and there's almost a satirical edge to the piece as the central cowboy seems to be pressing his self-willed cock down so as to conform to the downward-pointing position mandated by the powers that be.

These two are also more overtly rugged and hyper-masculine, displaying prominent body hair and a torn singlet. The central figure demonstrates the correct, manly way to hold a cigarette when it's not drooping out of the corner of one's mouth. (Cupping the hand around the burning tip is a technique evolved to stop it blowing out it in windy locations - like prairies, ships and cruising grounds!).

As in the previous picture, the half-hidden object of interest is a youthful blond. Colt shows him presenting his unprotected rear to the lustful duo. There seems to be an implication that the manly way to have sex is in the active role and that the role of younger men is to tempt and seduce (see Part 1) and service their elders, with the usual overtones of induction and initiation. These are not exclusively gay thought processes as it happens, but we take a different view on such issues today.

The fifties and sixties were the heyday of Cowboy movies and TV shows and somewhere along the line the isolated lifestyle of cattle herders, remote from civilisation for long periods, in isolated groups, earned them a similar reputation to sailors on the high seas, that is for having a taste for releasing their sexual tensions man-to-man. That tag undoubtedly caused discomfort for real Cowboys but makes this pair's casual nudity and mutual preening unmistakeably gay to all and sundry, not just other gays. These two might easily be a couple and there's an interesting resemblance to Tom of Finland's popular Leather Buddy-Lovers image. The playful scene shows a maturing of Colt's imagery beyond sexual innuendo into portraying gay relationships and gay men as normal people who are not defined exclusively by their sexuality. 
Sadly it still required 'nudge nudge' humour to get the message out. 


This picture was destined to bring Colt to the attention of the wider world when Malcolm Maclaren added captions and Vivienne Westwood put the result onto T-shirts during the punk era (1975). At that time in the UK, gay sex was legal but only in private and the Police were actively trying to minimise the definition of privacy (to exclude hotel rooms for example). To wear this T-shirt in the street was to flaunt the law and risk arrest and prosecution. For a straight man or woman to wear it was therefore a powerful statement of support for gays and immensely confusing to the hostile Police. Jim French would have approved of such subversion. Apparently he did not get any Royalties for this use of his image. As a gay activist, I imagine he would have thought the exposure of the message and accolade of heterosexual approval worth the price.

See also this interesting article about the Westwood T Shirt

In this picture Colt ingeniously draws on the Cowboy world to produce one of his most audacious rebellions against anti-gay pornography laws. He combines the imagery of riding astride a horse and holding the reins of a stagecoach or wagon to come up with a fanciful simulation of gay sexual intercourse. Once again he mockingly turns the downward-pointing cock rule against the censors. It's pointing in exactly the right direction here, whereas in a more 'realistic', aroused depiction it wouldn't be! There's a strong hint of domination and bondage in this picture but Colt didn't follow that through in other images as far as I can establish.

Read the whole series from Colt Part 1

I haven't found a legitimate source of Colt's artwork, Colt Studio don't seem to publish it now.
An interesting biography/obit written by Bob Mizer in 2017

For other explorations of the art of hidden eroticism, click on the label below.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

The Look of Superiority

Simms asked his friend John how to get into Management and was told
"Well, you've got a tongue in your head haven't you?"

Blake Hunter as the boss, Diego Sans as the ambitious new employee
photo courtesy of
This is 'Look' No 14, for others click on the label below

Friday, 23 November 2018

Petit Q goes sexy

Miguel shows us that even the oddest combo can look sexy if you really go for it.
That tongue's a bit off-putting though.


This variation on the C-string (with a jock-like attachment to the waistband at the back)
owes much of it's sexiness to the delicious, come-to-bed Andrei
but I find the separate waistband and pouch curiously tantalising,
and yet unmistakably masculine.

It's equally erotic on Addison Graham in this 'Lost in the Desert' image.

 The demands made on underwear models are many-fold
and trekking across the desert is not an uncommon one.

But wait, is that a group of local tribesmen he sees approaching on their horses?
How will they react to this immodest display?

I am reminded of the sad fate of two American airmen who crashed in the desert.
I'd love to see Addison kitted out in similar heavyweight shackles, on his way to market. 

Back in the real world, Lucas here is brim full of man appeal in his own right
so credit to Petit-Q for coming up with a pair of briefs that make him even sexier!
Those odd leg hems make you want to get your fingers in and straighten them out.
I can imagine the photographer fiddling with them fruitlessly for hours!

I think we all need a cold shower after that but Lucas looks even hotter.
Showers are pretty commonplace venues for underwear models but
I imagine Petit-Q will have sold out of this style very quickly.
Don't go out in the desert without a minder, Lucas!

Water transforms these briefs too. It's a fairly conventional style but has a nice square-cut leg which the thighs of Anatoly Goncharov fill out very nicely! If you look close there's some clever angled stitching which points to and creates the sexy pouch.

I'm not a massive fan of shower pictures normally, except those like this where the model keeps some clothes on. This example, starring Hector, is extraordinarily sexy despite the rather mundane pose and bland, black and white colouring and I'm sure I don't have to explain why! Contents aside, the garment is sexier than the vintage g-string (which usually look terrible when wet). It looks more like a loin cloth than a modern brief style and so conjures up more fantasies of enslavement.
Don't go out in the desert Hector.

This picture of Addison Graham shows of his physique a treat!
I imagined him storming off in exasperation after a posing demand went too far,
 perhaps involving a camel?
 However the Petit-Q swim bikini (previously seen adorning Thomas Huez
 and Junior Rodrigo) is not ideal desert wear.
Who knows if another caravan of mercenary locals might be lurking nearby?
Underwear photos by Petit-Q 
 There's a massive collection of Petit-Q stuff at Mensunderwearsource

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

I'm having another word with my agent about this!

Dylan Knight is a versatile porn star of considerable experience,
so when he got his Petit-Q assignment he probably thought he could handle anything that came up.

A conventional underwear pose with matching curtains? No problem.

Credit to Petit-Q, Those modestly-styled underpants seem to show 
Dylan with a remarkable bulk, that appears to be unenhanced.

However Arthus and Nico at Petit-Q had thought up a special humiliation for sweet Dylan.

They persuaded him to cavort with those blue silky drapes - clad only in a C-string.

I must say I love the effect of nakedness created here, in some ways more erotic than nudity itself.
The bondage-like suspension seems to make the model alluringly available to be touched.

At the same time it's very arty and balletic and the glum look on Dylan's face suggests
that this arrangement might just have tested his masculine self-assurance,
which he expresses so freely through his sexual exploits (below)

Dylan Knight & Markie More at Next Door Studios (click to enlarge)

Now, if you have been neglecting your underwear fashion trends recently
and don't know what a 'C-string' is exactly.......

This is it.
A C-string is a bag with a furry(?) rim that encloses your tackle and nowt else.
It's held in place by a curved plastic 'tongue'
that passes underneath the crotch and fits between the ass cheeks
(see how it is put on)

This design looks erotic as we have seen and it probably feels very nice too
 but the aesthetic result, seen from behind, leaves something to be desired.

Patriot C-String - click to enlage
I imagine this might be fun to wear under your work clothes (that workman's overalls?)
but that prong would probably show through suit trousers if you took your jacket off
and who knows what would happen if you sat down?

If you wore it for doing 'naked' housework 
it might attract unwelcome tweaking from housemates. 

I certainly wouldn't recommend it for shopping. 
(Where would you keep your small change?)

However, I digress, we haven't finished yet with Dylan's problem photo-shoot

You see, Dylan has been given a special version to wear, 
which makes 'The Patriot' (above) look quite tame.
He's got the 'Devil C-String' on, 
which as you can see sports a fetching, plastic, pointed, tail-piece.
Ideal for Halloween parties? ....erm.......yes. Poor Dylan!
(For those interested in more see Devil C-String here) 

Dylan's not alone in his professional embarrassment.
Marc Shephard was spared the Devil's tongue (!) and got the conventional design.
But you can see he's still not very happy about it.
Which may explain the 'half full' look (or is it half empty?)
(and the smile of the happy shopper above!)

I suspect he may have had another mishap in the dressing room.
Yep, another 'wrong hole' situation, with the prong this time.
And now before the lens, it's too late to rearrange it

He'll be having a word with his agent about this!
With apologies to the models and Petit-Q crew for poking fun at them!
and to the many folk who enjoy the innocent pleasure of wearing exotic garments like this
I agree they can look and feel very sexy indeed (see next time).

 There's a massive collection of Petit-Q stuff at Mensunderwearsource

Saturday, 17 November 2018

I'm having a word with my agent about this!

The trials of modelling assignments know few bounds. Water sprays, mud smears, derelict buildings, weird make-up - it's all in a days work for a model. However a job for an underwear brand called 'Petit-Q' might ring alarm bells. Not just because it's French, we won't go there, but 'petit' (i.e small) is not an adjective the average hunk likes to associate himself with - and we all know underwear models are hunks, right?
As for the Q bit, that sounds like the code for 'gay' used back in the bad old days (remember Q-International?) and not all models are gay are they?

So the hunky men featured in this article may have felt a slight tremor of anticipation as they arrived at the photographer for their 'Petit-Q' assignment. But they can hardly have imagined just what was in store for them.

On his day, DW Chase is one of the sexiest men on the planet
but you can almost hear him muttering "WTF!" here
as he puzzles over this sort of, half-garment
He's probably wondering if  he has put it on correctly.
Or indeed whether it's actually all there.
'I'm having a word with my agent about this', he thinks to himself.

Hunky Michael Fitt has the opposite problem.
Two for the price of one it seems.
Does that mean twice the fee for my services, he wonders?
I don't think this fashion will catch on, but I like the view.

From his face, you'd guess Marc Shephard (which is spelt 'hard' not 'herd')
must be as tough as they come and not a man to be messed with.
So it's not altogether surprising to see him gritting his teeth thoughtfully about this.
That wry smile is about that mishap in the dressing room,
a 'leg in the wrong hole' moment while putting it on. (It's easily done).
He thought he must have torn it, but no-one seems to have noticed.


Here's Junior Rodriguez, wearing the same garment properly.
He seems like a man of the world, and is showing a bit more style
 (and intriguingly different hair if you compare the two boys 'windows' !)

But that suspicious look on his face suggests he's just got a whiff
that Marc Shephard was wearing it just a few hours before him.
The sharing of intimate apparel with other men is not in his contract,
and once you start thinking about it, under hot, studio lights.........
Cheer up Junior, the next model to wear it will be getting your oily sweat!

Theo Ford's having problems with those straps
but no matter how much he adjusts his 'braces'
 the mini pouch won't quite cover his assets 
It's his root which is the root of the problem.
Isn't there a bigger size? -  he seems to be asking.

Meanwhile, Thomas Huez is looking for the way out.
He thinks this style makes his bum look big
as though it's straining at the side straps to escape.
When asked, the photographer agreed with him,
but he thought he was complimenting Thomas by saying so.

Meanwhile DW is on sit-down strike
this see-through strangeness warrants a bigger fee, me-thinks.
He can't help looking sexy though and that's got the photographer snapping furiously. 
Unfortunately that mesh gives you a real wedgie when you squat like this.
It's enough to make your hair curl. Get a move on mate!

Models who are famed for being 'Not Gay' (I forget his name),
like clothes to make them look butch - check out the watch for example.
Something that flattered ones manhood might have seemed like a good idea
But if it makes your cock look like a badly wrapped butt plug.......?

Judging by that faded 'professional smile'
he's just realised it might give folk the wrong idea about him.
and he didn't really need the money either.
He's having a word with my agent about this! 


This crowd don't know it but they got off lightly,
more frivolities next time!

With apologies to the models and Petit-Q crew for poking fun at them!
and to the many folk who enjoy the innocent pleasure of wearing exotic garments like this
I agree they can look and feel very sexy indeed  (see below).

Junior Rodriguez brings his ample professional charms to 
Thomas' discarded side string 'swim bikini'
but he still looks as though he smells a rat (or something) 
or perhaps he just refused to pose them on the beach
(for other 'clothes sharing' fantasies click on the label below)

Meanwhile Andrei picks up the harness after Theo Ford gave up on it.
Who wouldn't want to come home to this!

There's a massive collection of Petit-Q stuff at Mensunderwearsource