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Monday, 10 December 2018

Wrestling Arsenal

If you have enjoyed my occasional forays into the world of wrestling you may like to sample the posts on offer at Wrestling Arsenal. I'm partly returning a compliment with this review as they recently featured an article about my own 'Mitchell' artwork and blog but you'll find the author of this blog has a similar mindset to my own. He explores most thoroughly the homoerotic pleasures offered by grunting hunks in combat, illustrating his ruminations with generous lashings of erotic imagery. 

Johnny Moran humiliated
I'm not the greatest fan of the biff-bash, punch and jump  style typical of modern pro-wrestling, let alone the stuff with tables and ladders and pretended feuds. It's genuinely dynamic nature does not make for the best quality images either. However, it's apparent realism makes the occasional hunk humiliation (like Johnny Moran's above) all the more spicy. The author of Wrestling Arsenal does us the service of extracting some of the sexiest elements of these contests, presenting them as still photos and digestible GIF's.

The author is probably a more genuine fan of wrestling (the sport) than I am,
and you can tell he's aware of the craft and skills involved,
 but he also has a keen eye for homoerotic moments like this
which wouldn't usually feature in most match reports.

Anyone who understands how sexy, show-off trunks like this
make the humiliation of the wearer that much more pleasurable, certainly gets my vote.

Pain holds and submission scenarios have always rung my bells (providing they look reasonably convincing). They usually seem to focus on the opponents back which tends to produce nice, groin-offerings and body arching. Unfortunately the dangers of such manoeuvres, pointed out in the caption here, usually seem to blunt the attack rather than enhance the threat. The fact that the combatants don't face each other in the 'Crab' has always seemed a shame to me, with both men missing a out on a tremendous view! However it does produce some excellent butt-on-butt moments sometimes.

From butts on butts to lips on lips (?). We're used to seeing sportsmen embracing and kissing on the field, but the suggestion of a furtively snatched kiss in this image goes one better in some ways, because it's not typical of this bare-skin sport. This picture has captured a swirling sense of intimacy between the two scantily-clad and tough-looking boys.

 Another furtive moment has been spotted here, this one starring Alex Wright's pouch.
I think that lady in the crowd has seen it too.

Dak Draper strutting

Pro wrestling is not awash with pin-up beauties but a touch of rough charm
coupled with well-shaped, white trunks and a sweaty torso is a decent substitute.

 Those same qualities are showcased in this porn-like, intimate image.
The look of looming defeat doesn't sit well with those 'golden boy' boots
and this lends an air of delicious humiliation to his plight.


Plight is probably the word for this scenario too, as the ref joins in the poor victim's humiliation, restraining Caliboy here so Chace LaChance can punch him. This image is from an erotic wrestling studio (Wrestler4Hire) which I featured here not long ago. In these matches the action is more acted out than usual and there's no paying audience, but that gives the scope for more overtly homoerotic and better quality imagery..


Studio matches allow sexy close-ups like this one of Chace's pert pouch

You don't normally see ball-tapping either in pro-matches, at least not as blatantly as this and certainly not by the referee! It's quite a robust tap too, I think Caliboy's recoil and subsequent grimace is probably perfectly genuine.

A bit of tit-tweaking (right) seems quite tame by comparison, but I guess it depends how sensitive you are. Quite apart from the underhand bullying here, the sustained physical restraint of Caliboy creates a series of very nice images.

There's eight years of sweaty encounters to work your way through at the Wrestling Arsenal blog
 and the earliest posts are equally interesting and imaginative.

Boot Worship (click to enlarge)
 This little gem is from Jan 2011, picking up a typical pro-wrestling, mock-humiliation scene and embellishing it with dialogue that takes the domination fantasy almost into the realms of enslavement. I particularly like the referee's opportunistic suggestion. The images selected for the montage are all seriously erotic for a fetish fan and you can see the effort that has gone into creating an image that is just one of several in this article. You'll soon realise this guy puts an awful lot of effort into assembling his material and commentary.

To misquote Tom of Finland, I know an image is good when it makes me want to improve it - in this case I'd make the loser show a bit more reluctance and be ordered in the last frame to get to the dressing room/shower and ready his ass for the winner's input - but perhaps you can't go that far with pix of real people.

The use of accessories in the ring is not something I normally favour, but I couldn't ignore these chains, not in a fetish blog. The man on top is podgily attractive and even gets away with sporting some wild hair. Unfortunately such moments cannot really lead anywhere very interesting in a  contest with an audience. I guess we're also flirting with tricky, historical taboos in some respects here, but then, fetish does not discriminate!

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