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(Oct 28th 2018)

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Neighbourhood Cops 12 - Secure for the night

Brody - time for lights out

The sudden influx of detainees generated by the '4S' regime
meant that jail space was soon under pressure
Some prisoners were placed in temporary 'overflow' accomodation,
generously provided by the Prison Governor and his staff
who were permitted to pick out who they wanted as a 'guest'

The furnishings were more comfortable than normal jail cells
and rooms quieter without the incessant racket of the main prison
but the arrangement was not without disadvantages for prisoners.
Their restraints were much tighter to maintain security

And some hosts who popped in at 'lights out' to say their goodnights
might also reveal that the bed would be shared by them both.
Prisoners experiences varied, the Governor's nights
were very different to the lowly janitorial staff.

and it wasn't unknown for 'guests' to 'get lost'.

This brilliant picture of Brodie is courtesy of Captured Guys

(Originally published as ‘The Cops Companion’, a series of photos selected to accompany and complement Mitchell’s story ‘Neighbourhood Cops’ at mitchmen Yahoo! Group. See sidebar for link.)

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Neighbourhood Cops 11 - In-Cell Restraint

Many new arrivals were sent straight to bed in bleak cells.
They might be allowed some crude shorts to cover their nudity
but soon discovered that, being made of very coarse material
they were actually worse than wearing nothing
a scratchy accompaniment to sleepness nights.

 The cops kept their prisoners in constraints continuously, even in cells.
They learned how to adjust their discomfort levels.
The days of inmates angrily screaming and shouting abuse
from the refuge of their cells were abruptly ended.
For fear of a guard coming to tweak their restraints

The cops workplace quality of life was greatly improved.

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Originally published in ‘The Cops Companion’ a series of photos selected to accompany and complement Mitchell’s story ‘Neighbourhood Cops’  running at mitchmen at Yahoo! Groups. See sidebar for link.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Neighbourhood Cops 10 - Introduction to Jail

The detainees soon discovered that it wasn't just the arrest procedure that had changed.
The jail guards made sure that every newcomer understood how the new system worked.
They tried to do it in a caring way, naturally,
but most felt it was best that the boys knew exactly where they stood.

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Picture courtesy of ‘Academy Men’

Originally published in ‘The Cops Companion’ a series of photos selected to accompany and complement Mitchell’s story ‘Neighbourhood Cops’ seen at mitchmen at Yahoo! See sidebar for link.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Neighbourhood Cops 9 - On Parade

When the Cops had had their fun with the quaking, bare suspects,
they put them under formal arrest and transported them to the Station House.
There they were paraded and photographed - still naked and handcuffed
often watched by a frightening crowd of cat-calling, off-duty Officers
who gleefully spelt out what awaited them inside.

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Originally published as 'The Cops Companion', a series of photos selected to accompany and complement Mitchell’s story ‘Neighbourhood Cops’ which is avail at mitchmen at Yahoo! Groups See sidebar for link.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Neighbourhood Cops 8 - Stop and Sedate

Some guys were too big to be easily controlled by a cop on his own
The gym run, looking for illegal steroids was a case in point
To solve this problem patrol men were also issued with sedatives,
to quell violent resistance and ensure compliance with the strip requirement.
The trouble was that, even if these men submitted to handcuffs,
stripping their clothes off often revealed sights that cried out attention
a plumped-up, white, jock pouch
or two rounded pecs on a muscular torso.

It was tempting for Officers and some gave in to it.
Others just went straight for their for their needle
A number of men arrived at the cop shop
with multiple needle marks in prominent places
and remembering little about their arrest.

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Originally published as part of 'Cops Companion', a series of photos selected to accompany Mitchell’s story ‘Neighbourhood Cops’ running at mitchmen at Yahoo! Groups. See sidebar for link.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Neighbourhood Cops 7 - Deep Search

The Cops took full advantage of their strip and search powers
Every possible hiding place was thoroughly investigated.
It was a challenging job that didn't always yield incriminating evidence
but they made sure that the punks would always remember
 the intimate thoroughness of their painstaking probing.

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photo: Rio Majeska with Peter Lovett's ass by Colt Studio

originally published as  part of 'Cops Companion' a series of photos selected to accompany Mitchell’s story ‘Neighbourhood Cops’, available at mitchmen at Yahoo! Groups. See sidebar for link.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Neighbourhood Cops 6 - Learning his fate

Naturally, most young punks became much more compliant
when their balls were hanging out in the open

But being stripped naked was only the start.
Under the '4S' powers the arresting cop
was free to carry out intimate searches
and even to administer an arbitrary punishment,
one of his own choosing, in public or in private.

Hearing the cop read out their rights - and his
Suspects trembled, not knowing what to expect.

Picture courtesy of Boot Lust

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Neighbourhood Cops 5 - Resistance is futile

"These crummy briefs are full of holes already, Jim, I reckon one good tug should rip them off!"
Even soldiers on duty were liable to be stopped and detained
for minor traffic violations or defects in their Army vehicles.
It didn’t matter how important or how big they were
they all got the same tough treatment.

"You can't do this to me!"

If they resisted, they only suffered more
the cops would cheerfully restrain them and 'rough them up',
before forcibly removing every one of their garments.
Destroying them in the process, if necessary.

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orig part 5 of cops companion

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Neighbourhood Cops 4 - No Hiding Place

"Please don't make me take off my underpants as well Sir!"

In the days that followed, many more men were apprehended and found out
 the hard way that the 'Strip' part of the '4S' procedure was total and mandatory.
Some were spooked and tried to escape, rather than shed that final garment.
They fled through the streets, seeking any refuge in any place they could find.

But the cops enthusiasm for the chase was rekindled by their new powers
and the chance to humiliate some long standing villains and nuisances.

They pursued the runaways ruthlessly and were often led to remote, secret refuges
which afforded a convenient private place to begin the offenders' re-education.

There was no hiding place

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orig part 4 of Cops Companion 

Monday, 20 April 2009

Neighbourhood Cops 3 - Submit to Questioning

Once the cop's '4S' sweep commenced, no man in town was safe
and they soon learned that submitting to the indignity of a probing baton
 was a small price to pay for avoiding something much worse.
They had to stand at attention like an obedient conscript and hope.

Even innocent-looking, sidewalk shoeshine boys were picked on,
this occupation being ideally suited to discreet sales of 'substances'.

Their drooping jeans were just a fashion but associated with jail culture
and a magnet to suspicious cops looking to fill arrest quotas.

In this incident the cops suspicions were further aroused by the man's trainers,
which looked altogether too clean and new for such a grimy, ill-paid occupation.

Flashes of underwear were also an arrestable misdemeanour now,

but the cop wondered how far he could push this suspect before he resisted
and gave grounds for full '4S' arrest and intensive interrogation.

"How about licking that smut off my boots?" he suggested.

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Picture courtesy of Bootlust

(This is the sort of picture I enjoy. There is no overt eroticism, apart from the cops trousers perhaps, but this scenario beautifully conjures up the wielding of and submission to power. 

Visit mitchmen at Yahoo! for the Neighbourhood Cops story, Mitchell's slant on Cop Domination)
orig Part 3 of cops companion

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Neighbourhood Cops 2 - Stop and Search

Robbie Beaubutt had a similar experience to his cousin Adam
Having stopped him for a speculative search,
Officer Hardon's suspicions were immediately aroused
by the suspects behaviour and interesting clothes.

Few cops could resist the innocent pleasure
 of frisking a young guy in shorts.
It's always a useful first port of call
if he's been stopped on suspicion of nothing in particular.

Naturally the cop left no possible hiding place untouched.
and that was when the trouble started.
Because Robbie had just had a row with his father
and wasn't feeling good about authority figures right then.

The cop decided, law breaking was one thing, personal abuse was another.
He frog-marched Robbie to a nearby barn for a piece of country punishment.
That spanking didn't save Robbie from being arrested either.
The Officer ran him in just as he was, stark naked and red assed.

The local villains who had had a free run for years in Mitchville
found their world had turned upside-down
and the cops were gloating over the rich harvest
produced by their random stops.

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photos from the classic spanking video 'The Barn'

(This is the theme of the opening section of Mitchell's story, Neighbourhood Police at mitchmen Yahoo! Group - see sidebar for link.The story has nearly 50 new drawings by Mitchell which follow the story of the Cops 4S policy (see prev post) to it's shocking conclusion).

Thursday, 16 April 2009

The Mitchville Round-Up 1 - Mitchville Cops start searching

The Mitchville cops have been told to get tough on crime.
The villains of the town are to be targetted in a ruthless sweep
The cops new strategy is codenamed '4S' which stands for
Stop, Search, Strip and Secure (not necessarily performed in that order!)

Them criminals had better look out!

It was Officer Rodham who made the first '4S' arrest.
At first it seemed like a another routine 'stop on suspicion' for Adam Beaubutt.
The cops had his car registration number and they pulled him over all the time
hoping to find evidence of his drug dealing.


But, when Adam felt the cop's hand feeling between his legs,
he sensed this wasn't just another routine search,
it was different this time and he didn't like it.
His vehement protests were easily strong enough
to allow the Officer to detain him for causing an affray.

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(This photo-story was originally published in 2009 as a photographic companion to Mitchell's 'Neighbourhood Police story at mitchmen yahoo! Group. Reworked as a photostory in 2018).
orig Part 1

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Neighbourhood Cops at mitchmen

Mitchell's next series of pictures at 'mitchmen' features the return of the 'Neighbourhood Cops'.
The original short series featured the 4S policy - Stop Strip Search Secure - an assault which struck terror in the hearts of the Mitchville villains. The follow up series shows what happened as the project continued including a look at what happens in the prison. The cops seem to be enjoying themselves! Perhaos too much!Commissioner Hardman soon finds his project spiralling out of control.
The climax of the story sees Mitchell at his nastiest!
Posting of the pictures starts soon at the Yahoo Group. To join click on the link in the side bar.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Platoon - strip!

Todays picture in this little collection of some of Mitchell's favourite military images
fantasises on the fate of a group of captured soldiers.

Forced to strip off in front of their mates
they will loose the macho facade which a uniform bestows,
becoming just a group of naked men, vulnerable and defenceless.
For me undressing is one of the most exciting parts of any submission scenario but, sadly, most modern erotic film material hurtles past this point in the first few minutes and frequently omits it altogether, jumping directly from fully clothed to naked in the blink of an eye.
Those of you who follow my writings will know I prefer my subjects to retain enough clothing to give them an 'identity'. Once they are naked they could be any man, anywhere and all benefit of the surrouding atmosphere is lost. If you can see it's a soldier being tortured for information his suffering is heroic, whereas a kidnapped student tortured for pleasure evokes pity. Both may excite but without the visual cues the scenes are indistinguishable.

Friday, 3 April 2009

POW Interrogation

Back in the realms of fantasy, this image caused quite a stir when it first appeared and it still has that special something - even though all you can actually see is a fine, muscular body.
The loose clothing creates the impression of a normal man unprepared for this situation.
The bindfold and partial undress prompt all sorts of imaginings about what has happened - or is about to happen. The sheen of moisture on the body accentuates his musculature but also suggests his inner discomfort. The spiky screen behind is an artsy touch but actually is more suggestive of physical danger than conventional prison bars would be.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Another POW

Simple pictures like this get lost in the noise of the internet but the imagery is quite memorable for 'mitchmen' types.

This is a real prisoner of war so I would not want to cast it as erotica.
However, I confess that the ingredients of short hair, wrist restraints
 and humiliating herding of the captives do inspire my imagination.