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Saturday, 31 July 2021

The Art of Amalaric, Part 9a - White Collar Perks

 In Part 9 of the mitchmen 'Art of Amalaric' series, I review some Amalaric 'bonbons', small, sweet pieces that delight the taste buds for a variety of reasons – the plot, the writing, the images or their pure inventiveness. The slick mass-abduction of the Raytown Softball Team from Modern Slavery (see Part 1) is one of these little gems, so too the ultimate S&M sex toy Amalaric invented for 'The Cube' (Part 8).

White Collar Perks


This amazing torso by itself immediately distinguishes 'White Collar Perks' as a special story and it belongs to one of Amalaric's most memorable victims - Jimmy Ruisdale, who is a landscape gardener at the offices of a large corporation. There he attracts the lustful interest of one of the Company Executives when he innocently shucks off his shirt to work out front in the hot sun. But it's not a dastardly management plot that ultimately delivers him into the arms of his secret admirer, but his own foolishness in wrecking the the company's lawn tractor during a joyride.

Summoned to a disciplinary hearing, Jimmy is forced to put on shackles before it even starts. His guilt is taken for granted and the enquiry is all about how he is going to pay for it and whether he should keep his job. Persuading him to lift his shirt is just the start of the negotiation of one of Amalaric's classic, creeping 'reductions'. Jimmy resigned resentment as he starts to comply (above) shows his bravado is not yet extinguished, but it's contradicted by the sheen of worry juice on his skin.

Amalaric juxtaposes the executive's hand and a (stroking?) finger in the vicinity of Jimmy's crotch. Having got Jimmy by the balls, he is preparing to enjoy them.

I was tempted to include this image in 'The Ritual Of Undress' post (in Part 4a of this mitchmen series on Amalaric's art). It's possibly Amalaric's best example of a 'Stage 3' pose, but I felt this story and Jimmy deserved their own slot in the series.


The simple disciplinary hearing rapidly escalates into a nightmare. Jimmy is badgered into avoiding legal penalties and the loss of his job by accepting instead a summary punishment on the spot plus compensation payments to be paid in instalments out of his wages. It's rather like the open-ended contract Dave McGuiness makes with his Devil to stave off repossession of his parent's house in '24 Hours' (see Part 3). Jimmy's agreement is encouraged by the prods of the intimidating Security Officer posted behind him to prevent trouble, but pretty soon he makes sure Jimmy is in no position to cause it anyway, nor even to protect his modesty for that matter.

Amalaric's underwear moments have rarely seemed quite so exquisitely 'exposing' as this, with the eyes of everyone focussed on that private garment and it's intriguing contents. Jimmy struggles to comprehend how this sudden nudity can happen to him in the formal surroundings of his employer's office. The undisguised interest shown in his white pants by the executive's (female) secretary compounds his embarrassment, it's a red-face treat Amalaric serves up for straight men sometimes.


Jimmy's penance commences immediately with a simple spanking bent over the executive's desk. It is pure, schoolboy humiliation but Jimmy's indignity is a moment of supreme gratification for his long-frustrated admirer. Conventional spanking is a relatively unusual punishment in Amalaric's lexicon (shared only by Todd Sanders, I think, see Part 3). However, as you can see from the picture above, Jimmy experiences more manly torments on top.

Eventually, inevitably, Jimmy's spirit is beaten out of him and he is reduced to begging for the pain to end. Amalaric's picture neatly captures his abject submission, a vision of masculine bulk stripped of everything, including his self-respect. The hunky buck's bowed head acknowledges of the totality of the executive's power over him. His tormentor glories in the moment, he doesn't even need to look at the object of his lust any more, Jimmy is his. He dismissively tells him it is finished.

This is one of Amalaric's 'Oklahoma!' moments, You know, that point where the show finally reaches the glorious title song and you think it's the end, they've done all the big numbers. Then you discover as the stage excitement subsides that there is still another hour to go.


Amalaric's 'Phase 2's are much more exciting than Oklahoma! and usually involve an adjournment to a private, dungeon-like space. Thus it was with Todd Sanders, Part 3 , with Pete Devereux (Academy Thugs, Part 4b) and to some extent with the Raytown Sports Team, whose story seemed to be ending with the abductees progressively disappearing to an unseen fate (like the condemned nuns in 'The Carmelites') but then we do see what happens to the final, 'trophy' member of the team, transferred to a bleak, tiled cell for his rather unpleasant processing (see Part 1).

Thanks to Amalaric's deceptive words, Jimmy's Phase 2 comes as a surprise to us and it's a terrible shock to him of course. The unexpected treat of a bondage/abduction sequence acts as a transition into one of Amalaric's best X-frame scenes. It's tightly structured, economically written and features some truly evil villains who for once go all the way. The eventual ending is slightly predictable but has a thought-provoking, exotic twist.

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