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Thursday 12 January 2012

A-Z of Fetish Artists - Philippe

Philippe - Chairbound

A brief mention for Philippe who has produced some interesting dungeon imagery full of shaved heads and rubber garments. This artist's work is a curious mixture of subtle skill and naivety. The chairbound example is quite a nice image and the depiction of the captive's face is full of subtle detail, as is the strangely-angled stone wall behind him. In contrast, other significant parts of the picture are quite crude, unfinished even, like the captor's face - which works to some extent. I'm not so sure about the sketchy treatment of the ropes and the victim's open legs.

Philippe - Rubber Orgy

The rubber orgy picture with it's bathroom accessories is reminiscent of Bastille's work with a confused melee of men exploring every possible sensuality. The depiction of the bodies is quite stylised and they end up looking like real men rather than muscle gods. There's quite strong sense of shared pleasure here too, which is refreshing. Perhaps the real antecedants of this picture are the youthful romps drawn by Spartacus in the 1950's. This picture is also lifted by quirky incidental detail, like the fastidious participant who prefers to empty himself into a toilet and the out of scale, suited voyeur in the shadows.

Philippe seems to focus more on what is happening and what the participants are experiencing than on the visual depiction itself. I can't decide if the result is naïve or exceptionally artistic. Either way it's not a resounding success for me as erotica but definitely interesting work.

I can't find a website for Philippe and I would welcome information from readers.

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