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Tuesday 25 November 2008

Mitchell’s A-Z of Fetish Artists - Eric

Eric is one of those artists with a tiny published output but the images have such wide appeal that they are posted regularly in internet groups. His trademark image is of a young man tied to a frame with legs spread wide. He has a muscular body and a thick neck but his face creates the impression of a country yokel with unruly blond hair, protruding ears and an expression of wide eyed confusion on his face. This combination of innocent youth and testosterone is potent. Numerous alternative versions of this picture show him clad in jeans, military vest or loin cloth but I suspect they are probably not authentic. I have also seen many examples where Eric's boy has been placed alongside characters from Franco's pictures who act as his tormentor. This makes it very difficult to separate genuine Eric images from adulterated ones but demonstrates the appeal of the imagery.

I believe the illustration above to be genuine and it shows the testosterone laden innocent nicely. Just a hint of bondage. You can also see that the cartoon-like exaggerations disguise a technical style which is quite accomplished. As we discussed with Cavelo, it's not that easy to depict heavy, well defined musculature convincingly. In my view, Eric's inventive work is a small but valued contribution to Fetish Art

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