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(Feb 18th 2018)

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Bound and Gagged Magazine - 2

Another selection of classic Bound and Gagged Images. Is your favourite here?
Drew Andrews rope-tied in army uniform

Military images were a regular feature of B&G and the uniforms they used always seemed to fit the models and co-ordinate properly, giving them just enough authenticity. The haircut too is right in this example.

Brent Woods Tied Up and Spanked 

Spanking fans were well looked after by B&G and they are probably responsible for a large proportion of the posts by the studio circulating on the internet. The coupling of spanking and bondage is a rare treat and this set is made all the more memorable by the model's natural attractions and (for me) the half-masted,white underpants.

'Shadow' buckled, tied and taped

Serious bondage with the arms pulled right back and the face almost mummified. The combination of all these different types of restraint seems like overdressing to me, but it gives a powerful impression of overwhelming subjugation. The street clothes, suggestive of a manual worker, are a million miles away from the world of leather dungeons - but perhaps not for much longer!

 Let's Tie Up Tommy - Ethan Starr, Sam Dixon and Mason Jarr

The title is as memorable as the image itself and it spawned many fantasy moments for me.
B&G often showed the process of tying up the captive, which I find highly erotic.Unfortunately most commercial imagery these days tends to focus on the end result only. 'Roping' up is more suited to still imagery rather than videos, since endless fumbling with knots and feeding of long ropes through loops while the 'victim' patiently waits, unresisting, is not very exciting (although all that's needed is some imaginative editing to make it so).

The 2 on 1 situation depicted here is not without it's appeal either. It elevates the tension in the situation and in an isolated still photo you can read the 'attacker's' smiles as simply playful or something more sinister.

Adam Koch handgagged by Ryan Chandler

 There was a plentiful supply of cute models for the publication and some useful ideas on what to do with your captive when you have finished preparing him. In this set the model was seated outside on a porch for the enjoyment of passers by.

JT Sloane torments Sweet Williams

'Real men' were featured too, the immobilisation of a chunky muscleguy by a smaller man is always sexy. JT Sloane makes a great captor here with a face that could make you believe he really is a hard villain.

 B&G Magazine crashed unfortunately, but Bob Wingate has continued with a Bound and Gagged site selling some of the old material.

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