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Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Adventures of Leo - 2

The first visitor was as excited by Leo as his captor had anticipated.
A real cop, totally helpless, what an opportunity!

 Leo expected these men would take advantage of his immobilisation to hurt him.
Strangely, though, this one was content to watch him struggle,
enjoying his predicament and tweaking his ropes occasionally to make him jump
 - like a puppet on a string.

He was so fascinated by Leo's police uniform that when he left he took it with him.
 (after negotiating a suitable fee with Leo's captor of course).

Leo was furious at losing his uniform, but then he thought about it,
the other cops would be scouring the streets trying to find him, the uniform just might lead them to him.

Meanwhile, though, he had to receive his next visitor dressed only in his rather utilitarian underwear, chosen for comfort rather than style.

His mother would have been appalled, but for this man was highly amused.

Nevertheless he scolded Leo for his improper dress
and administered a short but stinging spanking.
Leo tearfully memorised his face, vowing revenge when he got free. 

 This man went on to study Leo's underwear from a variety of other, frankly, embarrassing angles. He started taking photographs, that Leo suspected would soon find their way onto the internet.

Tears and naff underwear, that wouldn't be too good for his street cred
 - or his career, he reflected.

Where were those cops when he needed them?

These pictures of Leo courtesy of Bound Guys
There are lots more sexy pictures there.

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