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(Aug 30th 2018)

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Silly Hats - 4 - A Word From Our Sponsors

HRH's Beatrice and Eugenie
Dear Mr Mitchman,
We are absolutely thrilled to be asked to be patrons of your series showcasing silly hats. We feel terribly strongly that it's quite wrong that ordinary girls (like us) should be discriminated against just for being themselves in public. A dead octopus? It's awful and so rude!
Now, with the support of gay men (who we adore and who it is well known know everything there is to know about taste) we are entirely confident that the day will come when silly hats will accepted and appreciated by all. Meanwhile we offer you our utmost support in your inspiring efforts to educate and inform the public on this terribly important issue
We wish all your readers a peaceful festive season and a prosperous 2011

Beatrice and Eugenie

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