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Friday, 12 November 2021

Strip Poker 2 - Get 'em Off!

I depicted the Strip Poker scenario in my own 'mitchmen' way in one of my earliest pictures.

It was part of the mitchmen series "This Christmas....will be different" which takes an irreverent look at some of the British traditions for that season of the year


Mitchell @ mitchmen - Strip Rummy


Tradition No 9 - Playing Cards

This Christmas, my sister is bringing her hunky new boyfriend, Darren, to Granny Edna's Christmas 'do'. Granny Edna won't come to the main family get-together, because she doesn't get on with Uncle Charlie. So, to keep the peace, Sis' and I go and have a turkey roast with her (yes another one) on Boxing Day .

Afterwards we always settle down to what Granny calls' a nice game of Rummy'. It should be more interesting than usual this year, because I've spiked Granny's 'New Berry Fruits' and Sis's Elderberry Wine. They can doze in front of the fire while Jake and I introduce Darren to'Strip Rummy'.

Oh yes, I've marked the cards. You guessed didn't you?


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more strip poker to come  (pending)




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