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Sunday, 20 June 2021

The Art of Absolutbleu 4 - At The Park

Absolutbleu - Park Life*

  After the gym, what better pastime for a gym bunny, than to go for a cool-down stretch in the park where he can impress other men with the fruits of his training? These efforts to attract the attention of two passing joggers go beyond the normal, cautious limits of cruising etiquette and the sight would scare off many men, but these two seem to be falling over themselves to get at him (notice how their lower and upper bodies are inter-twined in their eagerness to get there first). The clothing in this picture - both the long leggings/socks and the discarded vest and thong - makes it very sexy.

Absolutbleu - Jogger Tied  Up

The woods are another traditional, gay haunt but it's not without it's dangers. With hands tied and clothes ripped off his body, this jogger gets a different sort of stretching from a square jawed and rough-looking marauder. His gushing response suggests it's only the loss of designer, sports clothing that he'll regret afterwards. Bondage elements and forcefulness are not common in this artist's work but there's an occasional undercurrent of intimidation set against the flirtatious behaviour of the muscle-bound stereotypes.
Absolutbleu - Kick Boxing
This type of sports activity is not entirely unknown in public, leisure spaces, but usually without the nudity. These two seem to be fighting over (and thoroughly exciting) the spectator in the background who is wearing a distinctive necklace cum collar(?) or gag(?) I suspect these characters are strays from a modern computer game (there is a variant of this image overlaid with game scores), but I can't identify the game or them, nor the backstory to this encounter. In the nude, their high-kick poses provoke an erotic comparison with the flirt in the top picture. Their cocks point away from their opponent and it's almost as if  they are both presenting their rear ends. The dramatic, canted angle of the picture suggests they might even come together this way.  The fallen, autumn leaves are a charming and distinctly oriental detail, possibly with a symbolic meaning.

Absolutbleu - Boxer

In this boxing contest the spoils of victory are the loser himself. This thuggish-looking character is left dazed and confused, nursing a black eye and sore ass with the remnants of his modesty stuffed into his mouth. Some flirts, it seems, are not a push-over for bullies. Hooray to that.

Absolutbleu - The Coach

 I don't know if this coach, seen exercising his authority in another part of the park, is one the bullying kind but the artist has managed to infuse him with physical strength and a firm character that brooks no argument from his team. Sports grounds are not a typical domain for gay men, they are more suited to profitless ogling rather than cruising, but this specimen's manliness and his provocative attire (with ultra-tight shorts not dissimilar to those of the assaulted jogger above) has attracted the interest of two suited, passers-by. I don't know what their finger signals mean but they are obviously plotting a practical joke.

Absolutbleu - Coach Propositioned

 This scene encapsulates a lure that would not be out of place in the enslavement sagas of Amalaric. The enviable ability of suited (i.e. rich and clever) men to manipulate ordinary hunks. It's somewhat surprising that fifteen dollars is enough to persuade the Coach to lower his shorts (which look just as sexy in this position as they did wrapped round his ass). In the middle of a public space too, with his team, presumably, not far away! Maybe there's some other leverage at work here. The procedure has revealed him to be wearing a skimpy thong rather than the butch, white jockstrap you might have expected. I'm glad to see it's a tasteful, manly, subdued colour but it speaks of unconventional, unmanly interests that his employers might find worrying. It's even more surprising and revealing to discover that the whole situation is a massive turn on for him.

Regulars know that I'm a fan of clothing playing a role in erotica, the pecs and shoulder details here look great, if a little over-exaggerated. It goes without saying that I love equally the moment of undressing. Especially when it reveals unexpected, bonus sights like this. Sadly such scenes are as rare in erotic art as they are in mainstream porn.

Absolutbleu - Coach Gives Service

 Further pictures in this series show the Coach's complete submission to the crafty manipulators in the car park and a belated realisation that he really likes it. Doh! This seduction of a hugely manly stereotype by two quite ordinary-looking, business types is the reverse of the flirtation theme of other images by this artist (like the beach bar in Part 2). The common ingredient though is the lustfulness these musclemen generate, sometimes without realising it. This scene reminds me of Etienne's memorable Night Patrol, car park arrests, it would make a fitting finale.

Absolutbleu - Coach in Cuffs

This incomplete image shows Coach moving on from sexy undies and casual park encounters into the realms of harder fetish, here he is handcuffed (tokenisticly) by a booted and exceptionally excited assailant.

Absolutbleu - Interrogation Room

It's not unknown for men who seek out adventures in parks and other cruising grounds to end up in handcuffs administered by the law. They don't usually end up being interrogated like this, but I suppose it's one way to persuade a hardened criminal to spill. It's not clear if his gritted teeth represent reluctance to do so on his part or simply a helpless surrender to an unusually demanding orgasm. Once again, Absolutblue produces a characterful and attractive face for him, using (what seem to be) the simplest of lines. The cop turns out to be yet another flirt with a majestic and accommodating backside and a supreme confidence in getting his way with rough, tough guys. His superiors (improbably) look on with exasperation. There's actually a nice sense here of straights being excluded from the arcane knowledge of gays in the ways of men and their susceptibilty to certain, secret machinations.

To be continued in Part 5

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