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Friday, 11 June 2021

The Art Of Absolutbleu 2 - On The Beach

Absolutbleu - Bulges

This stunning image is an advert for 'Bulges' beach bar illustrating the tempting goodies on offer. Waiters and bar men in gay establishments are arguably one of the modern icons of distant desire displacing the sailors and construction workers of old. They always seem attractive and friendly for some reason - like-minded and almost within reach.

Absolutbleu - Waiter at 'Bulges'*

In Absolutbleu's cafe, they are within reach. The skimpy thongs and bulging muscles of the good-natured waiters are calculated to pull in crowds of men. Attracting their attention is a more pleasurable chore than is usually the case in busy joints. 

*my title


Absolutbleu - Free Special*

The beach is one of the 'worlds' of gay men that this artist explores in his work. There, more tempting specimens are to be seen, roving the sand and dressed to kill in G-strings as they hand out their flyers and vouchers for other entertainments. They may even pause to chat, their intoxicating physiques hovering invitingly as though promising more later. It's enough to make a water bottle squirt!


Absolutbleu - Beach Buds*

The beach is full of characters determined to have fun and this is a great caricature of a man who knows how to attract attention. Sometimes it's hard to tell whether it's better to pursue them or avoid them.


Absolutbleu - Beach Bar Flirt*

For lesser mortals, these specimens of ultra-developed manhood, seen in the flesh at close quarters are shockingly desirable - and they know it. In Absolutbleu's art these hunks flirt outrageously and their minimal garments are barely visible amongst the mounds of succulent, gleaming flesh. I can't decide if the gentleman on the right has dropped his drink because he's overwhelmed by a rush of lust or if it's just a device to grovel at the feet of a God. 

Absolutbleu - Beach Flirt Wading In The Sea*

For Gods these men are. This image puts me in mind of the sirens of lore who lured unwary seamen to their doom. On the other hand, what better way to go? Absolutbleu's flirts seem to have no malice in them however. On the face of it they just want to have fun and they seem to have a dauntingly endless appetite for it. Their carefully crafted musculature seems to represent a pride in their manhood as much as a device to attact partners and their sexiness an innocent gift to others with no other motive than mutual pleasure.


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