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Saturday, 5 June 2021

Men Sharing Gold Trunks

Antonio Valentini

I've been hooked on this guy's rangy, lithe body and sexy bulge for quite a while.
Despite his boyish face it's clear he's a big man.
Alessio Caballero

It looks like the same briefs have also been used for some sweaty boxing practice here.
They are amply filled by another youthful lad with challenging features.

It's one of my foolish fancies to fantasise about these shared garments transmitting essence of model from one man to another, after all these briefs don't look ultra-washable.

Justin Lewis

Now broad shouldered Justin takes them for an outing on the basketball court.
Packing out the much used garment with some very solid bulk 


Antonio Valentini

 Antonio reclaims the briefs to demonstrate his own ball-lifting skills.
Alessio Caballero

Surely all that excitement must leave something behind!

Jamie Blyton

If it has Jamie doesn't seem to mind, he adds his quota

Perhaps these are the only sparring briefs they've got. 

Jamie Blyton

There's been a lot of stuff in there!
Jamie's deliciously moulded groin seems to be spilling out too.


Jamie Blyton

 I'm not sure about those gloves either! Naughty Jamie!


 Images by Diamond Men Live
whose hygeine practices and those of their models are beyond reproach I am sure

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