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Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Military Punishment by Paul

Paul - Punishment Cell

 These images by the (vintage) spanking artist 'Paul' (aka P.R.) depict Military Correction scenarios. All the participants are dressed in shorts, which used to be regulation wear for Desert Fighting and sometimes in Jungles. I've always been excited by the idea of men fighting in scanty clothing* and the shorts shown here are exceedingly scanty and very tight. What they would do to the enemy we can only imagine. The rolled-up sleeves have an equally provocative effect on me.

The two Military Policeman have a manly appearance and being dressed exactly the same as those facing punishment adds an element of skin-to-skin earthiness and intimacy to their raw brand of bare-ass discipline, which is strictly non-regulation of course, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen. The discarded shorts of the victim lie under the bench nearby in a crumpled heap, a sexy detail. These highly erotic elements are augmented by the spice of bondage and boot-licking submissiveness. 

The condemned men waiting their turn look on, tied to posts and sweatily anticipating their own humiliation. Watching their comrade's fate has already induced impressive bulges in their shorts, one man's underwear is seen forcing it's way out into the open. Their half open shirts reveal manly chest hair, echoed on thighs and forearms, but their burgeoning manhood has not spared them from a less than manly punishment.

This image is overflowing with erotic elements from a bygone age of military service, enthusiatically exaggerated and lovingly drawn with an attention to sexy detail that will especially delight those whose who can remember it. The famous Royale Studio military photo series and later 'Guys in Uniform' tread similar ground and are contemporary.

Paul - Military Punishment

 The cane has always seemed a ferocious implement to me and this picture expresses just how painful it can be, thinly disguised by frivolous cartoon technique. These unfortunates have at least been allowed to hang on to their shorts and a semblance of dignity, but the absence of a patch pocket on the left buttock of the man currently under examination creates the suggestion of a bare cheek. Paul depicts shorts with single back pockets like this in other drawings, a useful substitute for nudity in less tolerant times. (click on 'hidden eroticism' label below for more)
As in the first picture, the glum man awaiting his dose of correction shows a degree of sexual excitement. The use of these minimal, very tight shorts might be seen as a deliberate part of their humiliation were it not for the fact that the Officers are similarly attired. In fact, the portrayal of the disciplinarian here is most unmilitary compared with the first picture. He has more the appearance of a mischievous, malevolent imp than a real person. He also turns up in other pictures by Paul. The non-human spanker is a device quite often used in this genre. I suppose it's to distance the artist from the acts he has portrayed. An equivalent to the use of classical settings for depicting slavery for example.

Paul - Raw Recruit

That distancing is conspicuously lacking here with the spanker exhibiting a degree of venom that must flow from deep inside the artist's psyche. There's also an open acknowledgement of sexual gratification playing a part in his actions. Paul's characterisations sometimes veer towards unacceptable age ambiguities which I wouldn't endorse. It's allayed here by the Military setting but much of his work is unsuitable for publication at mitchmen.
* Men in shorts often feature in my Vintage War Comics series, notably my 'Buddy Rescue' image, click on the 'War Comics' label at the foot of this post to view more.

For the complete collection of Royale Studio and 'Guys in Uniform' militarty punishments at mitchmen click on the 'GIU/Royale' label below


Quentin QBuzz said...

Great analysis as always. I wasn't familiar with Paul's work and it is a real treat, is there a gallery of it anywhere?

Mitchell said...

I haven't found one, I only have half a dozen images myself

speedoric said...

Paul was a New Zealander? whose work came out in London CP mag SIR c1980.I took it to be new work then. But much more on Boy Scouts in or out of shorts.

Mitchell said...

Thanks for the dating info, it ties in with the late-70's hey day of 'Guys in Uniform'.