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Friday, 16 July 2010

Guys In Uniform 1 - Cane stripes

Royale (1950's) and Guys in Uniform (1970's) were two studios that specialised in producing sexy pictures with a strong flavour of military discipline. The pictures pushed at the boundaries of acceptability for their times and the men in them were reputedly genuine servicemen. Both of these facets shocked the establishment and provoked repeated police raids and prosecutions which eventually caused them to collapse. There's an interesting article at milism about their history and the connections between the two studios.

They produced some outstanding images which have always inspired me. Although they inevitably reflect their times, they still have impact today and in this series of articles I want to review some of my favourites. 
1 Ready for Punishment

The chances are you will have seen today's images before. They come from a set produced by 'Guys in Uniform' and is probably the best known example of their work - with good reason! The situation of two men in PT kit up for punishment with a cane is erotic enough for spankers! You are immediately struck by the tight white shorts which are lit to show off the target areas very well, and the glimpse of bulges between the legs is amazing, especially for an era when nudity was a no no. We can see that these are men not boys!
Tight white shorts were a universal icon in gay imagery at this time, these days a picture like this would feature white underwear but otherwise the image is timeless. The hems of their shorts show off chunky thighs while the ankle socks with blue hoops (also classic sports wear in their day) reveal solid calves - these men are fit!

2 Waiting his turn
They way these men are dressed is intended to relect the military setting where discipline would indeed be administered in gym kit, underwear would be entirely inappropriate. In picture 2 punishment is in progress but my eye is drawn to the man facing the wall, he has a beautiful figure and the upright posture (a cross between at attention and at ease) is manly but submissive. It creates a visual effect that is a treat for neck freaks like me. The bare backside is a departure from military standards but is well worth it in this man's case.

The man wielding the cane is less convincing, his shorts are not really shorts at all
 and his face and hair don't conjure up the look of a military disciplinarian
 - You need a Nick Moretti or a Spencer Reed for that!
More in the next post.


Navy Cadet said...

I love the Royale Studio photos, they were just about the first fetish photos that I found and are still amongst my favourites. I believe that there were about 4000 produced by Royale before they were shut down. I especially love the fact that they featured guys in naval uniforms a lot, something that is not at all common. A particular favourite set is a short sequence with a sailor in his very tight tropical uniforms with short, tight, white shorts being held down and caned over a gym horse by two other sailors.

Mitchell said...

I don't recognise that picture, can you send me a copy? address in profile.