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Wednesday 7 June 2017

A-Z of Fetish Artists - yy6242

You don't get much sense of what yy6242 is all about from his moniker and this bondage image is  equally shrouded in self restraint. Almost literally, because the shady looking character working his captive from behind here is a mere supporting player, only fuzzily defined. It's all about the captive, seemingly imagining this ghastly fate and there's no sense of interaction with the intruder (which I take him to be). The flying perspiration suggests embarrassment to my eyes (but this code can work differently in other cultures). Anyway he's sharing that emotion with us. Strange things happen when Dad is Home Alone.

This beautiful image of a crying man is no less suggestive of powerful emotions simmering below the surface and it's not the only example of tears in this artists work (click on the link at the foot of this post). The whole face seems to express vulnerability and sensitivity. You might have guessed at the artist's Asian origins from the first picture but not this one. If there's an element of self in this intensely emotional image it's well-disguised. The artist's own choice of title doesn't give much away either.

 We're on less taxing ground here with an animal morph enjoying the fruits of man, but it makes an intriguing companion for the slightly mysterious preceding images. This creature has a purely human body and it is extremely masculine. His animal self is represented only by two ears (which supplement his human ones (!) and the hint of a bushy tail (wagging happily). So there's a sense of half-heartedness about his beastliness, while the physical restraints, prison number and facial expression allow similar ambiguity about his whole commitment to this encounter. I have a title of 'love' on this piece but I don't know if that is the artists own.

Soldier 76
This heroic figure with his cold calculating gaze is the opposite of such expressiveness, but it's very pretty. You can see that the face has had the most attention and things get vaguer as we descend towards the nether regions. The talent of the artist speaks for itself, but it's a shame we can't see below the waist, clothed or otherwise.

Suit Guy
Just to show this artist's work is not all serious. This looks like a study for a game or comic character and it shows an interesting combination of the heroic and the sensitive traits observed above. Once again though, the artist's dead-pan title leaves you wondering what he is trying to say or not say here.

Reinhardt Pool Party
I don't know who Reinhardt is but you can tell by his spiky beard and blind eye that he's a fantasy/game character who's taken time off from defending the Universe for the more mundane role of lifeguard. It's deliberately incongruous of course but he's been given a job here which is not just heroic, but which in the gay universe drips with youthful sexuality (not counting Hasselhof!). So even in this frivolous piece there's a sense of exploration of identity and desire.
 Just a picture of a man, so the artist tells us, but this thoughtful character is oozing with desirable manliness that seems to go beyond his physical appearance. He's not quite naked but the picture cuts off just short of showing us something interesting. It feels like we're observing him furtively while he goes about some manly task, the yellow line suggesting a sporting link, or perhaps he's walking along the road, going home after a jolly night on the town, which might explain the slight fleshiness around his waist.

You can find more work by yy6242 on Deviant Art
He also goes by the name of DOPQ on Instagram,  and Pixiv

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SoupGoblin said...

Both Reinhardt and Soldier 76 are characters from Overwatch, a popular videogame. Not that that context, like you say, is strictly necessary for either of these pieces. ;]

Mitchell said...

Thanks for that info!