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Wednesday 7 December 2016

Vintage Season 3 - More Puzzles in G-strings

Billy Joe Carr

Billy Joe Carr posing nude with his favourite record.
His chunky torso belies his boyish-looking face but it shows lots of pleasing curves without the bony-looking, extra detailing which shows up in ultra-lean physiques like that of Jack Thomas in No 1 of this series. Only the slicked-back hair style with quiff dates the model, but the domestic setting around him shows some interesting early sixties taste and technology.

Even if you knew nothing about Harry Belafonte, it's fairly obvious from the picture itself that the
inclusion of one of his album sleeves, carefully angled towards us is a very deliberate choice. Given the time the photo was taken (early sixties) I would guess that this is referencing his support for civil rights rather than the gay rights he has also become directly associated with now.

The admiration being shown for him here by a naked white man is not without it's own subversive element. This image may also be reflecting the widespread, wishful thinking that Belafonte might himself be gay. The symbolic extraction of his image from the interior of the record player implying a coming-out scenario. Belafonte however is married and if you take this picture at face value, so too was Billy Carr who is shown wearing a wedding ring.

 Billy Joe in G-string? 

At first sight this looks like an authentic G-string. However comparison with the previous photo shows it can't be, both pictures are the same. On closer inspection the shadowing and angling of the just-visible creases and hems, while seemingly real, actually suggest that the garment and its contents are angled to our right whereas Billy Joe's body is facing the other way.  It looks like this G-string cup has been taken from another model and superimposed on the photograph of Billy Joe (an interesting variation on my 'sharing clothes' postings!). The side strings also perhaps look a bit straighter than you might expect as they curve round behind him. Real or not it's compact size is rather more attractive (or at least more erotically interesting) than that worn by Donnie Kay in my last post. 

Interestingly the model's wedding ring has been blurred out too in the second picture, perhaps this censorship is an early manifestation of the anti 'gay for pay' movement. Whoever imagined that these old porn pictures could have so much sociological significance?

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