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Monday 5 December 2016

Vintage Season 2 - The trouble with G-strings

 Kurt Freeman by Bruce of Los Angeles

This semi-arty style of image was typical of the era of the pouch/string. The open pose is nevertheless fairly erotic. I have always found clothed bodies more interesting than naked ones in general and I must admit I do like the G-string. I know there are those that find them slightly silly but this looks OK to me. Of course you might argue that Kurt Freeman would look good in anything.....
Kurt Freeman with pole

....then again perhaps not.

I don't think this is a painted-on G-string, but it is the wierdest design imaginable. Notice how the top hem is completely horizontal instead of following the curve of the body like the upper picture. Whether real or superimposed the result is neither erotic nor flattering to the physique. It doesn't make Kurt look any less handsome but slightly foolish instead.

Donny Kaye

I don't there's any room for doubt about the authenticity of this garment. It's capacious cut would make any man comfortable - if he had no sense of style that is. In this case I suspect there's something else inside as well, just to prevent any risky shape 'materialising' through oil soaked fabric. It's not nice really and poor Donny seems to be in tears about being made to wear it. That's a truly mitchmen-esque humiliation in it's own way, putting this man firmly in his place, but on the whole I'm at one with the detractors here. 

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