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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Hunk of the Month - Brian Bodine 4

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Given the generally upbeat flavour of Brian Bodine's appearances under the Lucas banner it's not entirely surprising to find this sheer playfulness announcing his appearance for Titan Men in Thrill Ride (2011). How appealing is that, chaps? He's re-adopted the name Jason Diaz for this role, presumably at the request of the studio. Personally I think the understated Brian Bodine suits him much better.

In this film he's unexpectedly paired off with Logan Scott who usually seems to be cast in the role of perpetual victimhood (which he generally plays in a most appealing manner I must say!). His participation is, however, a clue that Bodine is resuming the role of top.

 Before long the two get down to business in the Falcon-esque pool setting which is a world away from the darkly sexy interiors of the Lucas movies. Notice how Brian/Jason has become a little chunkier and a little less 'cut' in his musculature, hopefully that's a sign of contentment.

(Titan seems to have repackaged and re-issued this video as 'Deep End' recently and these stills come from that re-issue.)

As far as I can tell this is Bodine's last appearance and this relaxed and happy shot makes an ideal swansong. A modest career spanning about 7 years but with it's fair share of memorable moments which have given me great pleasure in compiling this article.

My thanks to TitanMen for the images in today's post

However, this is not the end of my story. In researching Brian's career I came across references to the name 'Jay Black'. This model, who has made more recent film appearances, bears a superficial resemblance to Bodine in some pictures (above) and has also used the name Jason Diaz (according to 'Smutjunkies'). For a while I pursued that lead before realising that the face couldn't have changed that much in 4 years and that the faintly-visible shoulder tattoos did not match either. Such is the burden of the terminally obsessive!

This wild goose chase was not entirely fruitless however. I ran across some exciting material including the fab shot above from the now-forgotten 'Lords of the Jungle' (2006). Although it turned out to be a different man in the end and therefore of no value for this article, I think the material I found is more than good enough for a post of it's own and this will appear here soon (see Jay Black Part 1).
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