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Saturday, 17 September 2016

Hunk of the Month - Brian Bodine 3

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In 2008 Bodine gets a role with Lucas Entertainment in 'Cruising Budapest' with the Mangiatti Twins and this heralds something of a change in style bringing out a different side to his erotic persona.

The move to a bigger studio has provided a step up in image quality showcasing Bodine's lush muscularity. I'm not a big fan of orgies but this pairing with the twins creates a marvellous sense of  intimacy and 'sharing' which we can vicariously enjoy as well.

That warmth carries on in his appearance with Bryan Slater, also for Lucas in the 'Auditions ' series in 2010. Happily for me he's now  sporting that characterful hair. This isn't Brian's first on-screen bottoming role but he's portraying a nice degree of cheerful discomfort and awkwardness.

 There's a trace of the 'gangsta' persona glimpsed in 'Rush' in this pic,
 but it's not really representative of the flavour of the video.

 In fact there's a warm, almost romantic conclusion to the scene. Bryan Slater puts his arm protectively round Bodine's shoulders as they shoot their loads together. This isn't the norm for gay porn 'climaxes' and it seems to reflect a genuine warmth between these two characters. If you have a look on search engines you will find other images from the same sequence where Bryan is affectionate and playful with his younger companion lying alongside him.

Bodine's 'Rush' encounter with Spencer Reed follows on from this appearance and if you watch it on video you can detect a similar gentle atmosphere.

Thanks to Lucas Entertainment for these images

You can read this article from Part 1 here
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