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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Hunk of the Month - Brian Bodine 2

You can read this article from Part 1 here

Bodine's film history is somewhat confusing. Titan Men link him to the 2004 film 'Horse' under the name Jason Diaz. He gets a 10 minute slot with Troy Punk in this atmospheric, heavy leather piece. A surprising debut!

He moves to more conventional territory for the 2006 film 'Wildlands', playing a lone hiker who unleashes the repressed sexual urgings of a Park Ranger. There's a nice manly moment for him where he picks up the naked Ranger, cradled in his arms, and carries him outside onto the porch to stuff him over the balcony rail. As you can see he sports a shaved head for this scene and (sadly from my point of view) this is has been the case for most of his film career.

 Luckily his youthful good looks compensate for the missing thatch.
He made several films for some of the less prominent studios in the run-up to 2008.

Most of these seem to have passed into obscurity as far as the internet is concerned, although this cover suggests that lack of quality was not necessarily the cause.

IMDb calls this a 'Boxing Themed vignette'. It's from the film 'T.K.O.' with Jake Havok in 2007.
(I can't find a link for T.K.O. it now belongs to Raging Stallion)

In this period Bodine's reputation was very much based on his muscularity and the challenging length of his cock, hence the by-line "Jake Havok is man enough.......",
see above for confirmation of this claim

 There are some nice shots from this era emphasising his masculine and ethnic credentials

You can gather from this that Bodine's passive role with Spencer Reed in part one of this article was not the only shot in his armoury, making that episode all the more interesting.

You can read this article from Part 1 here
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