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Monday 6 June 2016

Wait just a minute!

Pic Courtesy of Kings Cross Steelers

Mitchell is away on a break until the end of June

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Anonymous said...

"Legacy Liam, limber laddy, you know your late father asked me, your other team coaches, teachers, subject tutors, father confessor, elder kinsmen, paper roud clients and other adult males of his death bed-choice to share taking over his father figure role, notably 'paternel posterior-paining punishment',
and we all remember he never hesitated to spank his brat-boy on the bare: whenever we visited him or he brought you over, you got it at least once over his knee, inviting us to give you another round, usually repated after a bare-balls flogging, and we Always enjoyed your naked corner time for the rest of our visit,
so this will be the drill all rugby season long : unless you play perfectly without any ref-warning or crowd-booing in a winning match, I'll order you to strip in front of me to go over the knee as warm-up, then crawl on all four the gauntlet of your team-mates' belts and go over the knee of each player and every spectator who feels like it, then come home with me to make an example of you in front of my kid son and expect wickedly-warm-whacking welcomes from my discipliner-fellows until your next match, just as they will warn me to double you dose if you mess up at school, other sport, paper-round, bible class or whatever! "