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Friday 1 January 2016

"A Christmas Criminal" - Part 16

The Security Guards tie Tom to the chair
using strips of his own, shredded T-shirt.
The rest of it they toss into the fire.

They leave him alone while they phone up the Police.
planning to arrange a humiliating, naked hand-over.
But it's Christmas Eve and the Police are too busy to come.
So they have to call the owner of the house for his instructions.
Mitchell HG16 - In a warm spot

Tom's hopes rise, he wrestles with his bindings but cannot get free.
Besides, it's freezing outside, how can he escape without any clothes?
The fire behind him is becoming hotter and ever more fiery.
It's comforting warmth is now becoming uncomfortable heat.
Tom had especially chosen scruffy clothes for this raid,
ones he'd previously worn for his car maintenance jobs.
Infused with combustible chemicals they feed the conflagration.
He won't be wearing them again.

continued in part 17

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