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Tuesday 22 October 2013

A-Z of Fetish Artists - Swordman

 Swordman - Prisoner 05
Swordman's fantasy story lines and improbably youthful heroes don't exactly set my pulse racing, but I have picked out this one series, which catalogues the interesting ordeals of one particular boy-man. The first image is very simple in concept, but highly effective. The uncluttered style brings out the leanness of the captive's unprotected body, making it seem all the more vulnerable as he tenses, waiting for the punishment to begin. The sun streaming in through the window produces attractive highlights on his naked body, but also seems to be part of the set-up, spotlighting him and fixing him in the gloom of the dungeon, reinforcing his helpless isolation. 
Swordman - Prisoner 02
Another spanking image, once again depicting that moment of anticipation. It makes an interesting contrast to the previous picture. This time the victim is draped with oversized ironmongery which also creates an impression of frailty (notably the clunky waist band). The scary mega-paddle works in the same way and the torturer's flexing of his weapon tweaks up it's scariness. There are a couple of details I really love in this picture, the rust patches on the chains and the convincing way they drape, which is not as easy to draw as it looks, managing to convey a sense of their weight – which should be contributing to the torment. I love the torturer's cod-piece.

 Swordman - Prisoner 04

Compare the treatment of chains here, they are rigid and tensed which implies the body suspended below is far heavier than it really looks – even with the extra attachments in the offing. However, the compensation is an impression that the captive is stretched out and held very securely indeed, despite some evidence of leg movement. There's also a powerful sense that he is way up in the air, which is not just down to simple perspective, but also the clever positioning of the block of light from the window which creates a visual lifting as well implying an expanse of wall below him. The waist band turns out to have a humane purpose here, relieving pressure on the captive's back, just as well since otherwise his lower weight is supported only by his neck and twisted arms, nasty!

Swordman - Prisoner 03

 The series culminates in this splendid contribution to our 'Riding the Wedge' series (see label below for the other artists interpretations). Swordman's economical, cartoon-y style is highly effective in bringing out the technical details of the equipment and (below) the associated restraint gear, it's almost a workshop manual for would-be professional Sadists. Of course, Rule No 1 is to show the victim what's in store for them, unfortunately he doesn't look totally dismayed. Shafts of light in the background seem to suggest a realisation dawning.

Swordman - Prisoner 10

 There's so much going on in this grand finale that it's actually quite confusing trying to work out what the victim is supposed to be feeling. There's too much multi-tasking here for me and I suspect most will forget about the now hidden dildo-peg. Nevertheless the clarity of the restraint arrangements is commendable. A neat series.

I haven't found any site for Swordman, but I confess I haven't looked very hard! You might try the Yaoi Gallery. Information welcome.
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