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Wednesday 9 October 2013

A-Z of Fetish Artists - Sven

 Sven - Chained Prisoner

Sven of Rennes, as he styles himself, is known for his cute, comic book characters and normally wouldn't qualify as a fetish artist but I didn't want to leave out these samples of more raunchy stuff. The first example of a dungeon captive is quite well known and despite the cartoony style and token representation of the bondage is nevertheless rather effective. The prominent feet detail will have it's fans, but for me it's the face that makes the picture, square jawed and handsome he looks as though he belongs in a cruisy club rather than a serious dungeon. The lightly stubbled jaw and slightly desperate look creates a sense that, however he came to be here, he's out of his depth now.
Sven - Saint Sebastian
St Sebastian is a classic fetish subject, but this isn't the best. It's a pretty enough picture but Sven has pulled back from showing the arrow piercing flesh. This man is also far too young for the part, the original was an officer in the army, but the detail of authentic looking kit, taken from him and placed on one side is quite sexy.

Sven - Ritual

My final entry is the best of the lot, a strikingly handsome young man, with hands tied in front, kneels on a table surrounded by a phalanx of masked men in identical costumes. The eerie, threatening atmosphere is augmented by the candles whose purpose is unclear. The captive's body is depicted in soft focus and sumptuous tones that somehow seem to accentuate his nudity – a rare achievement.

Sven has a website here but you may find it more productive to use an image search

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