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Tuesday 13 July 2010

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Moc

Moc's refreshing style and lightly nuanced peril situations deserve to be better known.
Moc - Safeword
'Safeword' captures a very erotic bondage pose but the addition of an obviously gloating captor and the stop sign is seriously threatening despite the humorous treatment. Regular readers will know I prefer good fetish art to be unlaced with humour but Moc's pictures can be mentally flipped.
Moc - Tight Shift (Caught)
He captures clean cut youth very well and the Tight Shift - Caught picture is surprisingly erotic considering it's lack of explicitness. The dangling cuffs and anxious expressions fire the imagination for what is to follow.
moc - Tight Shift (Getting to know..)

Getting to know... is a later picture in the same series and contains elements of menace and humiliation. Once again the faces tell all and the clarity of the bondage detail and gagging is erotic in it's own right. The glimpse of the officer's badge on his gag identifies it as his own ripped shirt prompting the viewer to imagine the preceding scene. The intertwining of the bodies in this picture is ambitious, visually disentangling bodies is difficult in any picture, even photos. The simplified colour palette of the cartoon style doesn't help much in creating the illusion of depth, but Moc just about gets away with it thanks to careful colouring and the uncluttered depiction of the captive's torso's.

The style is economical but surprisingly realistic thanks to accurate overall anatomy and careful selection of points to detail. The characters facial expressions and particularly the eyes are striking. The expression of depth and anchoring of the posed characters in their setting is less convincing but the cartoony style provides an alibi for this. Moc draws on photographic sources but he transforms them into a distinctive, attractive and fascinating images.

Moc's work can be found at the BoundGuys site

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