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Tuesday 22 June 2010

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Mitchell (mitchmen) 'Shipping Out'

Mitchell - Shipping Out

I'm taking the liberty of mentioning myself under the letter 'M', but I will not blowing my own trumpet too much, not in this august company! I have quite eclectic tastes but my main fetish interest is in showing bondage, usually in the context of peril and the sample here incorporating forced 'transfer' as well is fairly representative of my work. I do occasionally explore the more extreme topics such as those represented by other A-Z 'M' artists.

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GuyWinfield said...

Such a fine piece of drawing: The capture of this man and his fellows allready caught and gagged in the van. Awesome!

Mitchell said...

This is an episode from a large story 'Neighbourhood Police' available at the Yahoo Group

Stany said...

Gli schiavi, legati ed imbavagliati, vengono caricati sul van, per essere portati al mercato, dove saranno venduti e dove i master li aspettano per comprarli. Scene come questa non mi stanco mai di guardarle e di eccitarmi. Grazie! A quando le altre?

Mitchell said...

The slaves, bound and gagged, are loaded onto the van, to be brought to the market, where they will be sold and where the master are waiting to buy them. Scenes like this I never get tired of looking at and had installed. Thank you! When the other?